How did Starfleet recruit new servicemen following the Burn and before the reopening of Starfleet ac

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    He could well be; who knows how long human lifespans are by the 32nd century. We already know the average life expectancy in the 24th century was significantly longer than today; Picard was commanding the Enterprise-E well into his 70s, and if humans routinely live to Vulcan-ish ages by the 32nd century then Vance would barely be cresting middle age at 100. (For comparison, Tuvok was a sprightly 106 when Voyager was pulled into the Delta Quadrant, and Oded Fehr is 51 tomorrow.)
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    Yes, I'm well aware of the math. Is there a reason he can't be over a hundred?
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    Could have gone to Ba'Ku Planet before the Burn (SF officers could go for a 5-10 year vacation there, and as we noticed, even staying on the planet a few days can already result in health benefits - its possible some species like Humans can experience regenerative benefits earlier than others [such as the So'Na])... or been there during the Burn. Could have been rejuvenated via transporters (unless its a procedure routinely done by the late 24th or 25th century already - which it really should be as its only a 10-15 seconds procedure), stem-cells, consciousness transfered into a biological android body coupled with holography, rejuvenated with programmable matter perhaps?

    Multiple options to consider really... but knowing Disco writers, they will probably discard all of that and just make up something (such as Vance being only 51-ish like the actor playing him - and also knowing Senna Tal from Earth at some point in the past few decades before heading to SF HQ).
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    Vance will be exactly 115 years old, and a Prophet on his father's side.
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    I assume most crew pre SA reopening would have been people who already had experience and joined up to serve the cause. Basically people like Book who wanted something better than mercenary work
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    You forget to mention the Nexus.
    In the Nexus it's always Christmas
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    He's got to stay alive as long as possible to prevent the return of the evil mummy Imhotep.