Hoshi Sato... :-P

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    Mirror Hoshi...Empress Sato if you will...has my number. Or I have hers. Or...whatever.
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    She's a cutie. Wish the show had lasted 7 seasons. We might have seen her character develop into someone interesting.
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    I did not like Hoshi at first. I like her now. Whining and all.
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    She attracts creepy. Remember the one where she had a reclusive stalker? He claimed to have info the captain needed. He asked to spend one day and one night alone with Hoshi in exchange for the info. At first the captain says no, but he assures them all there'll be no funny business.

    Hoshi knows this stalker fancies her, so she goes wondering around his mansion in a skimpy dress.
    She goes to talk to him and has him show her his ESP toys. Then when it's time for bed she puts on a sexy night gown and lies on the bed. http://ent.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/3x06/exile_521.jpgHe comes in, and she has this look of indignation that this guy would bother her. What did we think would happen? Almost nothing that would actually happen happens.

    People have right to wear what they like and be free from harassment. If you're in some weird situation like spending the night with a stalker who's in love with you in exchange for information, that would be a time to wear the normal uniform, not a time to get out sexy clothes we never see except for when she's invited to spend the night with at some stalker's house. I was actually confused watching the show whether they were suggesting she had some weird kink and was trying to provoke him.

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