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How do I get an avatar/image/picture under my name?
Avatars are only available once you have made 50 posts and been a member of the Trek BBS for at least two weeks. This is an anti-spam measure (and gives you something to look forward to once you've settled in).

Once you are eligble, you can upload an avatar from your User CP. Click here to go to the avatar upload page.

To find out your post count and join date, please view your own profile.

What are the ranks/titles under people's names?
The user titles (or 'ranks') under people's names are an indication of how much they have posted at the messageboard. More posts does not on its own mean anything. User titles are just for fun.

The user titles and the post levels required are:

Lieutenant Junior Grade25
Lieutenant Commander100
Fleet Captain1000
Rear Admiral4000
Vice Admiral8000
Fleet Admiral32000

Premium members and staff are allowed custom user titles, so their user titles may not conform to the above list.

The system can take up to 60 minutes to update user titles. So please be patient if you are waiting for a new user title to appear under your name.

How do I get promoted? Do I get any benefits?
After you have made a certain amount of posts, and been a member for a certain amount of time, you will receive some extra benefits. The promotion levels, and their benefits, are as follows:

Level 2
Requires: 14 days and 50 posts
Benefits: avatar allowed, private messaging (100 messages storage), can use FireFox 2/Internet Explorer 7 integrated search.

Level 3
Requires: 90 days and 500 posts
Benefits: upgrade to the Captains' Lounge, 250 private messages storage, can PM up to 5 people at a time.

Level 4
Requires: 180 days and 1000 posts
Benefits: upgrade to the Fleet Captains' Lounge, 500 private messages storage, can upload a profile picture.

Level 5
Requires: 365 days and 2000 posts
Benefits: upgrade to the Commodores' Lounge.

Level 6
Requires: 545 days and 4000 posts
Benefits: upgrade to the Rear Admirals' Lounge.

Level 7
Requires: 730 days and 8000 posts
Benefits: upgrade to the Vice Admirals' Lounge, can PM up to 10 people at a time.

Level 8
Requires: 1095 days and 16000 posts
Benefits: upgrade to the Admirals' Lounge.

To find out your post count and join date, please view your own profile. The system can take up to 60 minutes to update your usergroup. So please be patient if you are waiting to be promoted.

How can I become a premium member?
Select Paid Subscriptions from your User CP, or click here.

Premium members see no banners on the Trek BBS, can customize their title and attach files to their posts, can store 1500 PMs and have access to the premium members' forum.

The cost is USD$25 a year, and you can choose a recurring or non-recurring subscription.

What's wrong with talking about ad blockers?
While we acknowledge there are of course programs available that allow people to block ads when viewing websites, we hope that our visitors do not do so at our site. The Trek BBS relies on advertising to survive. If everyone blocked the ads, we'd have to close.

While we cannot stop such systems, we can insist you do not discuss them here. Talking about any methods or programs – or indicating your use them – can result in an instant permanent ban without warning. This applies to both in a thread, and via private messaging. This rule is not up for debate.

So please do not talk about ways to circumvent site advertising under any circumstances.

Privacy Issue - Private Messages, Chat Logs, Names, etc.
On the internet, a person's privacy is very valuable. Unless a poster has made it clear they don't mind, you can't post any details of their real-life identity on the board. You also cannot post material such as chat logs, emails, private messages or messages from other message boards - without the consent of all involved parties.

Account Sharing
You should not give out your password to anyone, or allow your member account to be used by another member.

You should also not post any messages on behalf of another member.

Adult Content
In order to protect those posters who are minors, you cannot post NC-17 or R-Rated material anywhere on the BBS, or link to such material.

Obviously, you cannot insult other people. You may disagree with someone's opinion, but you may not attack the person themselves for posting that opinion. Don't respond to a flame with a flame. You cannot flame people and then claim to have been just defending yourself. If you have a complaint, notify a moderator rather than responding yourself.

Illegal Content
You can't post material that contains death threats, or invades a person's privacy, or is posted without permission of the owner.

Illegal content cannot be posted anywhere on the BBS.

When posting images, please make sure you do not post more than 50-70kb worth of photos, as a courtesy to those with slower connections. Images are to be no larger than 640x480.

Plus, you should only include an inline images from web space that you own, or with the permission from the webmaster on which the image is located to avoid what results in costly bandwidth theft to the originating site owner.

Instead, please post a link to the image.

Intellectual Property
As a fan site for a television show, intellectual property is an important topic for us. We cannot legally or morally condone tape-trading in episodes or downloading episodes online, and do not allow discussions on this matter. Any other copyright violations will also not be allowed.

Multiple Accounts
In order to prevent abuse, you may register only one username at TrekBBS. Should you want to change to a different user name, email the board manager and she will effect the change.

Once the name has been changed, you must put your own name in either the location field of your profile or in your signature for a month.

Name changes may be done once a year. The manager has the right to refuse any names which would appear to be inappropriate.

You can't post the same thing multiple times on the board, or post the same thing over and over in a certain thread or forum, or continuously make posts that have no real content or relevance to what is being discussed.

Spamming can even just be posting too much. As a general rule, don't post more than two or three threads in a forum within a reasonable length of time.

Do not post more than twice in a row in the same thread. If you need to answer more than one person in the thread, please use the quote function.

Spoilers and Spoiler Code
While many people want to discuss upcoming episodes, there's also a sizable group of people who don't want to know details about an episode before it airs.

Until an episode has aired in the United States, do not post plot info in the subject title of your thread, but only include things like the episode title and very general information. You can, for instance, ask about the "romance plot in [episode name]," but not about "the Janeway/Chakotay kiss in [episode name]."

If you want to discuss plot details, include a warning that the post may contain spoilers and several blank lines before the post as a courtesy to other users.

To make a spoiler code, use this format: [spoiler=Name of spoiler]spoiler text which will be hidden[/spoiler].

By doing this, the spoiler will behind a clickable button.

Another way of including a spoiler when creating a new thread or replying to a post is to click the yellow smiley with the "x" for a mouth, which is located on the far right side of the top row. The top row begins with B I U.

When you do this, a pop-up asks for the spoiler tag, which will be the title of your spoiler. Enter the name, then click "OK." You will see: [SPOILER="Tester"][/SPOILER]. Insert your spoiler between the right bracket of the first set of brackets and the left bracket of the second set of brackets. For example, if your spoiler is "T'Pol dies" then this is how your entry will look: [SPOILER="Tester"]T'Pol dies[/SPOILER].

Trolling is an internet term that means you're not posting to actually start or participate in a good discussion, but simply to anger another member or group of members. Posting in order to bait other users, moderators or administrators will not be tolerated.

Users who the board ownership believes participate on the Trek BBS to troll, irritate, upset or harm the general BBS population its staff or the board itself may have their accounts locked without prior notice or announcement in order to protect the BBS and its participants.

Multiple Threads
There are many registered members on this board. If everyone who wanted to comment on the latest episode had to do so in one thread, no one would be able to access this thread anymore. The amount of threads on a certain topic is regulated by supply and demand, and multiple threads on the same subject will only be closed if they really are absolutely identical to another thread.

Showing Criticism
It's fine to say a certain aspect of Star Trek is bad, as long as you don't insult the people who think otherwise, and as long as you actually back up what you say. Jumping in and shouting "Kirk sucks!" is not an acceptable form of constructive criticism.

Do not attempt to solicit other BBS members: posting to sell or endorse a product or web site will not be permitted.

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