Heroes, anyone?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by SVD, May 31, 2009.

  1. Teelie

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    May 1, 1999
    Ditto. I tried but it became so literally formulaic you knew what would happen before it would happen. Hiro, Peter and Silar would be overpowered, something/one depowers them only for them to regain it. Claire has a crisis about her humanity. Silar can't decide if he's good or evil. Nathan can't decide whether he's a politician or not and what path to follow. And Suresh, they really did a number on him.

    I quit even before the midway point of season three. I was already bored of season two's bombs and season three was a repeat of them. Season one, that was how I was expecting the series to go. No hero safe, no villian unkillable. No telling what would happen. Then they go and ruin it.
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    Sep 16, 2004
    I bet when his contract is up though, he won't renew...that is of course, if the show is still on the air.
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    I thought that during the third season finale the plot careened to new levels of shark jumping absurdity. Yet I'm still probably going to watch it next year. It has such a strong cast. It's a shame the writing comes off as haphazard so often.
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    Jan 23, 2007
    I do, though not religiously. I agree with many other posters that the show has gotten to be quite frustrating over the years. I absolutely loved season one! Season two was ok and three was pretty mediocre. I'll probably tune in for the new season, just to see where it might go, but I'm not too excited about it.
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    Honestly, they need to conclude Sylar's story in S4. If they get an S5, Quinto shouldn't be in it. They've set up something potentially interesting for this season (assuming they don't blow it again), but the only way I can envision it concluding "correctly" is
    for Sylar-Nathan to split into two - maybe courtesy of a metahuman with that power - and for Nathan (or perhaps Peter) to kill the Sylar half. Which leaves Nathan, who technically is still Sylar, but Quinto won't be needed at that point, since Nathan should somehow be "frozen" into that form, and no more shapeshifting and splitting permitted.