Hasbro's Power Rangers era and General Tokusatsu discussion

Encouraging credits, but we still don't know who the head writer is. Sakabe is one of my favorite toku composers; he also did Kyoryuger, ToQger, and KingOhger.

I'm still not a fan of the concept or the devices. We've had a living belt before, Kivat in Kiva, but I'm not crazy about the idea. If you're gonna have a sentient driver, I prefer an AI like Drive's Belt-san.
After Gotchards busy design I really like the more subdued base form.

I like that picture of Gavv better then the reveal one, the colors don't look as bright so it looks nicer to me, but I am not sold on that belt. Between the belt and the food gimmick the show is really turning me away just from its design decisions .Its story is going to have to be really compelling to compensate for that stuff, and I'm not confident that they can pull that off.
Yeah, the Reiwa Rider designs have been pretty garish, haven't they? I'd say the best of the base forms, at least the primaries, have been Zero-One and Geats. Saber's not bad, but a bit much in some ways.
New Gavv poster showing off some of his forms


From left to right

Potato Chips
Gummy Bears

Lollipop has a small head but that's supposed to be the mecha form, like Breaking Mammoth or Suika Arms. He may represent the lollipop guild, but that's one of Gavv's more powerful forms.

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The driver looks like it's based on Maya hieroglyphs or something.

Apparently the Gavv Belt is based on the Lion Dance Lion that bites your head on New Year’s for good luck. So Gavv is, sort of, Lion themed, as well as being motorcycle and snack themed.


Full body looks at the forms! A preview of the belt sounds! Circus music! All this and more

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I like the suit better seeing it in an unaltered state then I did on the posters, and I like the belt a bit better too, its not as big looking on the suit as I thought it would be.
Oh, good! I liked Komura's work on Sentai; it was LvP that made me a fan in the first place. It'll be interesting to see how she approaches the relatively more serious Kamen Rider.
According to Reddit (the most "trustworthy" of sources), it was straight up the first 3 episodes that got leaked and put onto BiliBili. The videos are gone now, but how they even got onto there is anyone's guess.