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    I've been reading the DS9 relaunch almost from the moment it started, but outside of that I was never very interested in the greater post-Nemesis continuity in general or the TNG relaunch in particular. I only recently decided to get into the TNG relaunch, mainly because the continuing threads in TNG and DS9 have become so intertwined with Destiny, Typhon Pact, and from the sound of it, The Fall. Glad I did, because so far I've enjoyed most of the books.

    Anyway, I've read everything from Death in Winter through Before Dishonor and am all but finished with Greater Than the Sum and ready to begin the Destiny series. However, I'm wondering two things:

    1) At one point in GTtS, someone (I think it was Picard) reflects on all the recent difficulty that the Borg have put the Federation through. In addition to the events of Resistance and Before Dishonor, an incident involving an admiral (not Janeway) going mad and ending up becoming a Borg Queen or something like that was mentioned. I tried to find the page but after flipping through the book I could not at all remember what chapter it was in. I wondered if it might have been from the early Voyager relaunch books, and after looking over Memory Beta it sounds like this plot is from The Farther Shore. Am I correct?

    2) Were Zelik Leybenzon and T'Lana dropped in favor of the new characters for editorial reasons, or were they never intended to carry on with the Ent-E crew after Before Dishonor? I remember discussion on the matter of all the cast changes when the books were released, but didn't really pay attention since I didn't know anything about the plot or characters at the time. My first exposure to the new Ent-E crew was not until in Raise the Dawn so I wasn't clear on the current status quo until that book.
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    1) You are correct.

    2) Christopher addresses that here
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    ^My work here is done... ;)