Graython Tolar

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    ...a counterfeeeeeeeeeeeeeit!

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    Tolar may resent the Klingons, but I doubt his kind would fare any better under Dominion overlordship (though I suspect that if he were petty enough, the doms would leave the matter of his capture to the local authoritities). But all in all, I see no reason why he'd want the Dominion to win and sabotage the project on purpose. He might have been a dead man in any case but his behaviour doesn't give me the impression he realised that himself.
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    Garak's plan couldn't have unfolded any other way than it did. He had to plant the bomb while the senator was talking to Sisko. He wouldn't be able to remove the bomb if the rod passed inspection. And he certainly couldn't risk letting the rod go back to further inspection on Romulus while also having an unexploded bomb sitting on the Senator's shuttle waiting to be discovered. Garak passed sentence on both the Senator and Tolar long before anyone tested the rod's authenticity.
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    Wasn't the subtext that Tolar was a pederast or some sort of sexual criminal? I suspect he was always living on borrowed time.