Going There: Alien Genitals

Discussion in 'General Trek Discussion' started by Arpy, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Once in a while? I try for at least once a day :)

    Makes sense, given the green blood.
  2. A'Tun-Te

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    Dec 17, 2012
    I was thinking in a different spotlight: How the HELL did all aliens become so bloody humanoid???
    Makes no sense, AT ALL.

    If there are aliens, by God, they'd look all but humanoid.
    Maybe a huge ball of fur, elephant size, in which a fly-sized critter sits.
    Who knows?
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    And that's what I get for only reading the first sentence of each post.
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    How'd we know that, it's like the assumption that because we don't know how to go faster than light, than they can't too; if they exist, they'll land on the white house lawn to meet us.

    When it comes to anything alien, expect the unexpected.
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    Well, I'm old enough to remember Voltron sooooooo, no, not a kid.

    Also, interlock like Voltron? Or this guy? Hi-larious. Don't mess with Andorianator!

    No need NOT to think about aliens' genitals. People wonder what's under Breen helmets...well, why not wonder what's under everybody's shorts? Plus I always LOVED seeing stuff like this...wondering what other creative biology was just under the uniform (hehehe) and not just on the forehead.

    As for the reproductive parts themselves, like all aliens, they SHOULD be very different from humans' parts but alas, are probably not. If for the only reason that it'd be kinda silly for aliens to be utterly humanoid in every way save for a few little skin folds here and there yet have VASTLY different anatomy just in that one place - apologies to Londo Mollari and the Centauri race.

    Fanlore.com was, sadly, eye-opening. Why always with the K/S?

    Smart point on Vulcan breast not being pointed. Our genitals don't look like our ears or foreheads...why should an alien's?

    If I were a better artist, I'd try to sketch some parts out. For the time being, I'll just have to wonder. Suffice it to say, I imagine Klingons to be rather wooly down there and Ferengi to be rather not.
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    You'd love Go Lion, the original Japanese of Voltron, it's like watching a totally different show, plus that old, fat maid everyone hates meets a nasty end near the series. :techman:

    Anyhow, when dealing with an alien's naughty bits, if they even have any naughty bits, as I mentioned, expect pretty much anything.
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    He's a Ballchinian!