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    I'm a Videographer and recording sports is a large part of it. The Home Teams are white or off-white and the Away Teams are other colors.

    Starfleet ships are usually white or off-white. Other ships are different colors. Subliminally, whenever a Starfleet ship gets into a battle, we see them as the Home Team and someone who we should root for.
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    Did Kirk command a second five year mission on the newly refit Enterprise after the events of the first movie? Did he have to take a voluntary reduction in rank to do this, because wasn't he already an admiral at this point?

    I'm asking because some of the Trek novels seem (at least to me) to take place after the refit.
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    I always assumed there was a new charter on the refit.
    That's why Decker was in command of a refit, & now there's no Decker. So Kirk probably commanded a new mission as an admiral

    You know... I just realized that The Traveler is probably the same age in both Journey's End & Where No One Has Gone Before. He probably bamfed to thoughtsville & came back, but Wes was now 7 years older. It might have only been minutes to him
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    I guess The Traveler was not affected by all those 'jumps' back and forth. But he is also the only character who didn't show up in the "Enterprise" series. A lot of other beings and things were more or less put into it (to explain their appearances on the later series) and because it was the very first ship (NX-01) to go into 'deep space' into the "Expanse" which will be aired tonite on H & I. I will be watching it.
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    I know it's not canon but in one of the novels (cant remember which one) there is a Betazoid officer. He talkes about the hard training to deal with not being overwhelmed by being able to sense everyone on the ship. Also that there are not many in starfleet that reason.