First look inside the new Stellar Cartography

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    Do governments use Autocracy as part of their name? I thought that was usually just a term used to describe a government, not as part of the government's name.
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    My apologies for moaning about the lack of the 'Borderland' planets earlier in this thread then! :)

    I still say there are a lot of stuff from s2 not included though.

    Looking at it again its also interesting (and this actually comes from Star Charts first) how far away Ceti Alpha/Regulus/Genesis/Mutura Nebula are from everywhere. It's placed even further out than Cestus III, which was apparently two weeks out of DS9 just by subspace
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    ^Well, Alpha Ceti (as it's more correctly called) is a real star, of course, so Mandel had to put it at its actual location. It didn't come from Star Charts first, it came from science first.
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    ^ Ah ok, well I just meant I noticed it looking at Stellar C, but then checked Star Charts and they're in the same place there too.
    (Hey I'm currently reading Watching The Clock btw, loving the continuity porn :) )

    So looking through some ENT s2 episodes on Memory Alpha, I'd list all the following as places/races not includued-
    Kreetassa- A Night In Sickbay
    Pernaia Prime- The Seventh
    Retellians- Precious Cargo
    Takret- Catwalk
    Arkonians- Dawn
    Dekendi III- Stigma
    Weytahn/Paan Mokar- Cease Fire
    Keto-Enol- Canamar
    Canamar- Canamar
    Xantoras- The Breach
    Antarans- The Breach
    Vissiar- Cogenitor
    Robinson Nebula- First Flight

    Unless others with keen eyes have spotted any of them. I think the problem I would have preferred a map focusing on the 'Core UFP' (ala the 4-part maps at the back of Star Charts)
    The 'History of the UFP' map* is too big of an area to get really detailed, and stuff like the Romulan and Dominion War maps only really focus on the relevant planets/stars to their topic

    *The zoomed in part of that map helps, but it'd be better if it were a bigger area on a seperate map