Fighting Back Against Hackers...while having fun at the same time

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    Fight back against the Heartbleed Trojan - A free method for encrypting your passwords and stuff - The next generation of Neophites have been born - You cannot stop us. Don't let them break your Code - - Welcome to the world of the real --

    One sure fire method of determining whether your phone has been hacked is too listen for combinations of literal word associations that would relate to your password for your phone or websites that you visit.
    Once discovered it is then time to play with your hacker's mind if you cannot shake them.
    Hackers live in a world of layered security and most people don't realize this but your hotspot network SSID can be the first layer of defense in a passive form.
    Take for instance my hotspot SSID danger in you mind. In order for the hacker to gain access to your passwords they first have to know what your network SSID is. Hackers live in a world of frenzied thoughts and emotions so if you put them on edge right away they might think twice about hacking your phone. danger in your mind is a passive node in the brain that will invoke any sense of fear or danger that may linger in the hackers mind. Even if you don't use keywords and advanced keywords to instantiate the node in the brain the process of paranoia will consciously and sub-consciously access the node in the brain where the substance of fear is stored. Once the node has been accessed the hacker who fears being caught will often times try and switch their personality to one that is less invasive at which point you have control over the hacker as they try harder and harder to access your own fear node through using your passwords and sites visited as an attempt to break your node's encryption. This is a basic passive level network SSID security algorithm that works very well.
    The second layer of security is to imbed the same type of keyword instantiation in your Hotspot password. For example after creating the passive layer at the SSID layer which is danger in your mind that the hacker will walk right through at first create another security layer that will bound their fear on the outside of the fear node in their mind. Associate the second layer password with the primary network SSID layer such as Iknow+that+you+are+watching+me:) . In the hackers mind unless there is proof positive of the hacking taking place then the hacker will feel relatively safe while they continue to advance into your security layers. Once these two layers have been created add the other layers of security to your droid in the same manner creating even more passively invasive passwords like Imsorry6thatyou1feel6thatway, areyou?surethatIdontknow@thatyourhacking?, Icanhearyoureveryhackingattemptwhenyouspeak, etc. until your phone is completely encrypted. By now you have at least four to six layers a security that as the hacker dives in further a new fear node is accessed and activated each time they hack a password. Once you have these layers established create the same type of security layers within your passwords for email, websites etc. Just like a hacker who thinks of the world as nodes that can be broken and then used against you to hack into your own mind to make you fear them you have to be a counter-hacker where you establish the hack protocol for them to break that at the same time allows them to think that they are in control of you but unless they utter your passwords in your presence then their control method is of really no use. Once they utter your passwords in public that you recognize the counter-hack has taken place passively as the literal word association will play havoc with the hackers fear nodes every time they try and use your passwords against you. It's like passing the hacker through two mirrors reflecting their self back on their own mind.
    Remember to have fun with the hackers and keep the black Sabbath holy.
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