FAN FILM PROPOSAL - Star Trek: Later Voyages

Discussion in 'Fan Productions' started by Danlav05, May 12, 2009.

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    A few years back, Bring Back Kirk released a 'trailer' which showed Captain Kirk being retreived from the Nexus and returning to the Enterprise-A in the late 24th Centry. This idea has caught on with 'The Way Back' and the Shatnerverse novels.

    I have a different vision of the idea.

    I still want it to be Captain Kirk in the 24th Century wearing a First Contct-style uniform, and I propose writing a 70-90-minute feature film. I have no crew or cast but I would like to pitch the idea to fanfilm makers ie Intrepid/HF, and hopefully cast lookalikes (Jeff Trusk, Giles Aston, a Spock etc) in the roles. Scotty and McCoy would also make appearances.

    As for TNG-era characters, I would love to put in a Tuvok/Spock scene but not make the thing to full of characters ie the trailer. Id love to have Saavik (maybe taking from the books and having her as a captain), Picard and possibly Admiral Riker.
    I have been inspired by the new movie by having Old Spock come home via the NexusWith Kirk the titles could be coming through the Gardian of Forever or something
    What I need to work out is the villain(s) and plot. I'd se this maybe a year after Countdown, or perhaps a few years before - I just dont want to contradict the HF universe or Countdown.

    Maybe afterwards this could lead into text/audio fiction of Kirk and his new crew?

    Do you have any helpful suggestions please?