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    But wouldn't a language that almost no one speaks become lost in such an apocalyptic event?
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    a) Wouldn't is the wrong word. It certainly could become lost, but it not necessarily would. According to Wikipedia, Esperanto has potentially two million speakers worldwide in 120 countries. Such a living language with such a widely distributed population of speakers could easily survive a war such as Star Trek's that didn't wipe out everybody; we know that much information did survive.
    b) It was a joke in the first place.
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    Not canon,but should there be a Federation Standard English, Vulcan, Tellerite,etc?
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    The Italian language was at least grammatically correct but the pronunciation was atrocious (for a moment I thought it was Spanish...)
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    I think a "Standard" should be a Standard across the entity. In this case Federation Standard is English because the Federation is HQ'd on Earth, partially in English-speaking regions (San Francisco and... France... French is somehow a dead language).

    Vulcan and Tellar Prime have multiple languages in non-canon sources and common sense, but I feel that they have a primary trading language or "PLANET Standard" (Vulcan Standard, Tellar Standard, Andoria Standard, etc.) that is determined at the planetary level.
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    Data may have called it "obscure", but it seems to be alive and well in the Discovery era. I recognized French in the scene this thread is about, and the season 1 finale had French in the Federation logo in the scene set in Paris:


    The lighting makes it a little difficult to read, but it says Fédération des Planètes Unies. It's a little easier to read in the original concept art:

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    It's also on the sign outside the building, also hard to read.