Episode 7.18 - Pinocchio Becomes a Real Boy

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    I never saw this one first time around in First Run. I always thought Chakotay and Seven as a couple came from out of Nowhere. It still was random, but, at least this episode gives us a little bit of an explanation. Seven fantasizes of having her remaining Borg Tech removed, and starts to allow herself to fantasize about a relationship (Thanks to her Unimatrix Zero experiences) and she falls in love with Chakotay. And then of course, her Borg Tech fights back against her new level of regained emotions.

    I actually enjoyed seeing Seven let down her guard in this episode. I thought it was kinda bizarre that she would want to be totally free of her Borg Tech, though, wouldn't that fundamentally weaken her knowledge Base? Can a Human brain hold and control all the knowledge she has assimilated without the mechanics?
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    There's some hardware in her head and there could be servers all over/inside her body but if the Borg keep a digital copy of her mind back inside the collective which gets updated every time she reconnects, or comes within range of a transwarpradio relay booster, and that information would flow both ways so that every drone is an equal node in the totality of the collective...

    The human mind can expand beyond the fleshes ability to withstand it like in The Nth degree when Barclay's intellect became so massive that he had to transload into the Enterprise which is not all to different to the bynars hoodwinks in season one...

    So really your question is so valid, that without all that metal, exactly what's her memory retention going to be like once she's stripped? And if 99 percent of her memories just vanish, exactly how is she not going to be a complete hollow fractured wreck?

    But then the Indian has a tiny collective that he uses as a religious totem (If that's a pun, it's unintentional.) where she could store vast amounts of data she can move in and out of her head.

    It's like a junkie dating a dealer, that she finds him so attractive.