Enterprise at 20: The Series and its Legacy

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    I was starting my freshman year of high school when Enterprise came around. I remember thinking the pilot was pretty exciting, even if perhaps not mind-blowing. I liked the design of the Akiraprise and the crew seemed like a good lot. I remember feeling like only half of season one really hit the tone they were going for. Like when they landed on the comet, and made a snowman -- that was one of the most Enterprise-y of scenes for me. Space was new enough that people didn't take it for granted, and the people were a bit closer to our era than to Kirk's. I remember a lot of season one and half of season two being a bit of a lull...

    But at some point in season two it kind of coalesced with how it wanted to be in an entertainment sense, if not perhaps a thematic sense or whatever. And I enjoyed the rest of the series. Season 3 was super exciting for my dad and I to watch together. They could've done more Xindi-plot in the first half, but I was one board for the whole adventure. Season four had some more thoughtful plotlines, but I did feel that occasionally the multi-parters were a little too long. Like the augments in the Augment trilogy really weren't that interesting -- not like the scientist that created them. The Vulcan Trilogy is my favorite of Enterprise, and one of my favorite plot arcs.

    We didn't actually get whatever channel Enterprise debuted on, and could only watch it on Midnight on some other channel on Saturday nights. This was unfortunate during the spring, as there were numerous times when episodes were interrupted by storm/tornado alerts. One time it was particularly hilarious, as a Xindi was swiveling around in their chair just as it cut to a weatherman in a chair and it really did seem like the Xindi had just randomly turned human.

    Basically, I was very fond of Enterprise, even if I was at times very aware of its flaws. I especially wish Toshi and Mayweather could have gotten more love -- they were finally starting to do more with Reid at the end, too. There was one scene in the finale of Enterprise that really worked for me, and that was when T'pol straightened Archer's tie before he goes off to make a big speech. That was a wonderful moment to end the show on. Shame about the rest of the episode.
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    I remember the anticipation in the months before the debut.

    I also remember this illustration of some kind of ship in profile that was quite detailed, and looked vaguely like something from an anime, that was making the rounds online and was being touted as the Enterprise design for this new prequel show. Does that ring a bell for anyone else?

    My fondest memories of the original broadcast period would be the ENT "Five Word Story" thread that we had going on right here in this here forum, with so much creative participation from the BBS members.

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    Man, of all the Trek series I really wish this one could have a do-over. It was an excellent premise that was so poorly executed.

    First, the ship shouldn't have been named Enterprise. I know that'd require a different title but the cannon was very clear that only 5 starships (up to 1701-D) had been named Enterprise. Really starting off on the wrong foot there for me personally.

    Second and probably more importantly, they should have focused entirely on the "birth of the federation" arc of the last couple seasons. Starting off the series with stupid time travel shenanigans and an enemy from the future was an enormous mistake. It could have been so good if they skipped that.

    Finally I really wish they would have focused more on how shitty the ship was compared to 23rd century vessels more and focused on the progression of technology. It could have been a lot more like Mass Effect where humans were considered the most backwards spacefaring species at first who gradually gain the respect of their neighboring species (they did some of this toward the end with Shran but not nearly enough). Also WAY too many mirror universe episodes. So boring and pointless.

    Anyway, I've never gone back to the series after it was canceled. I tried streaming the first couple episodes recently and determined it hasn't gotten better with age, unlike VOY and DS9. If anyone does thing I should give it another shot, what are some of your favorite episodes?
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    I too was in high school when the show primered and while I admit there were factors other than the show itself that got me to tune in, I was definitely intrigued by the promos the summer before.

    I have some mixed feelings about season 4. The writing had definitely improved and I didn't miss the overt casual horniness of previous seasons, but it didn't feel like *my* Trek any longer as it became about basically doing damage control to what should've happened in the first season of laying on the TOS bait thick before giving away to ENT expanding and adding to Trek in its own way, as Lower Decks did.

    On the whole, I wouldn't be into Trek if not for ENT so despite it's flaws, I'm grateful for that.
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    ENT should have done more universe-building and tying into TOS in Season 1 for sure. Episodes like "The Communicator" in Season 2 could be painfully boring but at least they were takes on episodes like "A Piece of the Action(TOS)" wherein a Starfleet crew visits a more technologically primitive world and the officers' devices threaten to contaminate their natural development.
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    ENT feels like it had the same problem Ron Moore had with Voyager. The writing team feels like it hates prequels and writing in any era but TNG. They want to use TNG aliens and TNG politics and get upset that there's stuff that's not TNG. They resolved it around season 3 at least.
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    Star Trek Explorer Magazine will be featuring a Enterprise short story by James Swallow about Jonathan Archer that takes place. before Broken Bow to celebrate Enterprise's 20th anniversary. The magazine will be coming out November 2.
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    Only quibbles I have with this is what you said about the Mirror Universe episodes and how it didn't get better with time. There were only two Mirror Universe ENT episodes, and for me, they rank as some of the best in Trek period (not just ENT). I also think it has gotten better with age. I've gone back and watched most of the first season (which I didn't when it was on) and its held up, or even is better to me.

    But everything else you said about the series I agree with.
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    I wouldn't have minded TOS and TNG nods if the races were seen as primal but when seen they appeared to be almost in the same stature as their TNG counterparts. For me, seems lazy and untrue, DISCO is suffering from the same thing. It takes a lot of work and commitment to dissect the foundations of the enemies and races we knew and make them grounded; present to struggles which would lead them to what we know? Also, I felt in order for the ENT crew to encounter the established races it should be something very off world-ish where they meet one from a group of random refugees. The appearance should never draw attention to themselves, but it always did for that series.
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    I am rewatching/watching Season 1 currently and I'm wondering whether some episodes should have come earlier in the run. I'm on Silent Enemy and it feels like it should have been episode 4, and I felt the same way about The Andorian Incident and Cold Front. I don't know if that's just modern sensibilities but it's something I've had on my mind the last few weeks.
    Also the music in this show rocks. well apart from... y'know
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    If Enterprise had indeed stuck to the plan of the first season being based on Earth, then both “First Flight” and “The Seventh” could have preceded “Broken Bow”. And then afterwards, only “Strange New World”, “Fortunate Son”, "Terra Nova", “Breaking The Ice”, "Civilization", "Rogue Planet", “Vox Sola” and “The Andorian Incident” would air to close out season 1.

    And then season 2 could have condensed a number of season 1 & 2 episodes into a single season while removing the filler from those seasons as well. "Shadows of P'Jem" being the season opener.
    • Shadows of P’Jem
    • Silent Enemy
    • Dear Doctor
    • Shuttlepod One
    • Fusion
    • Detained
    • Fallen Hero
    • Two Days and Two Nights
    • Shockwave
    • Shockwave, Part II
    • Carbon Creek
    • Minefield
    • Dead Stop
    • The Communicator
    • Singularity
    • Vanishing Point
    • The Catwalk
    • Dawn
    • Stigma
    • Cease Fire
    • Future Tense
    • Horizon
    • Cogenitor
    • Regeneration
    • The Expanse
    With season finale “The Expanse”, the deleted scenes on Earth and the NX-01 would replace the Klingon scenes, since there would be no Klingons encountered at all during season 2.

    It would have been well rounded enough to learn about the entire crew, what the ship could do, and show their general inexperience in deep space.
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