Spoilers ENT: To Brave the Storm by Michael A. Martin Review Thread

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  1. DigificWriter

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    Re: Enterprise: To Brave the Storm Review Thread (Spoilers!)

    I just finished the book a few minutes ago, and have to say that I thought it was great. It didn't feel quite as 'epic' in scope as BtRW - despite covering a much larger span of time and events- but that was fine.

    I thought the pacing of the story was fine and gave us just enough focus on key happenings over the course of a five-year period to get across the scope of the war and to convey and emphasize the Enterprise crew's pivotal role in its events.

    I liked what the book did with the main ENT characters, and especially got a kick out of Archer being referred to as Commodore Archer and his reaction to the rank designation.

    The book's use of its wide-ranging cast of supporting characters was also excellent, and I especially liked seeing Shrank again in a more prominent capacity than in BtRW, as well ad his daughter Talla.

    The book's epilogue was also great, especially the DNA reporter seeing through the deception at the end that Tucker tried to continue to perpetuate.

    I really enjoyed the book (as well as its predecessor BtRW) and am giving it an Excellent rating. It was a very fitting and satisfactory conclusion to Star Trek Enterprise's story both canonically and apocryphally and is a very solid and enjoyable piece of Trek Lit.
  2. ronny

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    Re: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm review thread

    Finally read this because CLB is doing Rise of the Federation. Yeah, I know everyone has said I don't need to read this book to read that book, I just wanted to get caught up.

    There were two lines in this book I enjoyed. On page 142, after a snide remark to Hoshi and thinking about the V'tosh ka'tur, Vulcan's with out logic, T'Pol thinks to herself:

    And the line at the end about peoples fates with Hoshi living on Tarsis IV which was going to be on "In a Mirror, Darkly Part II" but was cut.

    Other then that I just didn't get into this book. You've got got a several years war going on that just seems to be glossed over. Was it 2 or 3 or even more times that we don't see a battle, just showing up afterwards. I'm not a big space battle guy and showing them all would get repetitive but the other end of the spectrum where we we join someone on the bridge saying "That didn't go well" after the battle repeatedly was repetitive in another way.

    One thing that helped was speed reading any chapter that had Trip as a spy. I didn't mind it when that story line was brought up in Last Full Measure and The Good That Men Do but it started to fall apart for me in Raptor's Wing and here I just didn't believe it for a second.

    The year or 18 month gap that that takes place for no apparent reason other than they needed to wait while Trip was stranded in space and needed to spend that long with out warp heading to a planet.

    Was there a reason for Travis to leave Enterprise in the first place? The first time we see him he's talking to his reporter friend about going back.

    I guess all most of my issues, except for the Trip as spy stuff, can be blamed on the fact that the series was supposed to be a trilogy and cut to a duo but the reason really doesn't matter to me. If publishing/business issues cause a problem for a book they need to fix the book, not use the issues for an excuse for a poor book.

    Just as it turned out turning Voyager over to Kristen Beyer was what was needed to revive that series I'm assuming giving CLB a shot at Enterprise will help out here. As it is now, what I assumed would have been a epic story has turned into has turned into a big snore.

    The only reason this didn't rate poor was the sarcasm line. That cracked me up. So this gets a below average.
  3. Enterpriserules

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    We've finally reached this book on Literary Treks this week as well as have John Jackson Miller previewing his new Prey Trilogy!
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  4. Reanok

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    Dec 26, 2002
    I listened to podcast and it was interesting to listen about what the other Romulan war books stories would've been like if Micheal Martin had been allowed to finish the books like he intended to wrap up the storyline of the Romulan wars.
  5. Enterpriserules

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    Aug 11, 2005
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    I completely agree with you. It's unfortunate that they cut the series short.