DS9 with the TNG crew

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    That'll be the next thread after TNG with the DS9 crew!

    Actually, TNG's "Too Short a Season" was supposed to be Kirk as Admiral Mark Jameson having to deal with past decisions. Well, in this version maybe it is Kirk. ...was he captain of the Enterprise or of Station K-7 tho? :rofl: Maybe at one point he talks to the Prophets and one of them is Edith Keeler. ...or maybe it's like the Frasier episode where he talks to the memories of all his exes, so though Kirk comes to the station with his surviving wife Antonia, he talks to her, Edith, Carol Marcus, Miramanee, Ruth, and the others. And maybe the repercussion he has to deal with is the Cardassian annexation of Bajor.
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    Harry Mudd as Quark, of course....or would it be more fun to have Scotty running a bar, experimenting in new holographic technologies? Maybe the Founders have been in telepathic contact with the Vulans (ie Spock) for eons?
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    Well if we don't have Q as doctor and want a Borg presence we could use Hugh as the doctor. Plus I like the idea of getting ride of the Paigh Wraths but what if the Q and Prophets were enemies. Picard being the Emmisary to aliens the Q hate would add extra intrigue and menace when our Q shows up for his visits. As for Guinan maybe she use to be married to Q. She did say she had many divorces. She has a history with Q. Maybe Q liked her like he liked Vash. She came to the station to run the school and help her friend Picard out because of his grieving. Jason
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    Without their reintroduction via Quark, maybe the Ferengi are less comical here. In the real world, some of the most cutthroat, intelligent, and dangerous people are businesspeople, and money can be more dangerous than guns.

    What if instead of there being a Grand Nagus (government? that sounds socialist), Ferengi are run by different multi-stellar conglomerates, similar to real world companies that sell everything from Q-tips to mercenaries? DaiMons like Lurin, Bok, and Tog could represent conglomerates instead of the crown.

    What if we keep Rom on the station, but in his early season sleazy version (where he didn't want Nog to go to school and laughed about the poor dying in the gutter) pissed-off his wife's family didn't renew her marriage contract. Maybe Nog is a delinquent by Ferengi standards and his father fears he's got an impotent academic on his hands, or a lunatic. (The least he could do is go into medicine.)

    Maybe his successful older brother Letek comes warping in occasionally to show him up in front of Nog (who he wants to buy as his heir?). Or maybe it's his twin brother Sovak. :guffaw:

    I think the Ferengi could be far more dangerous, secretly inciting civil unrest among the Bajorans while at the same time looking to quietly make them bound indentured servants to Ferengi mega-corporations. Once ink is to paper, they can send in mercenaries or their fleet foreclose on planets and quell disorder. I see them as the conquerers who fly under the radar while the Romulans and Cardassians are getting all the press.
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