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    (I'll do a TNG with the DS9 crew later)

    What if in some parallel universe DS9 happed with the TNG crew/characters?

    Picard is the Emissary of the Prophets

    Ro Laren is the Bajoran Liaison

    Data is the Science Officer (Maybe his creator was a Trill and he's a "joined" android.)

    La Forge is Chief of Operations

    Crusher is in the Infirmary. As are Selar, Ogawa, and the Bajoran female nurses from the early seasons Jabara and Tagana. I haven't thought about Pulaski yet. :vulcan:...and Simon Tarses :rommie:.

    Worf is Chief of Security (Do we move him to Ops or is he more of an investigator extraordinaire on the Promenade?). I don't know if I like him as a loner or if he's raising Alexander on the station (Jake).

    Guinan runs Guinan's on the Promenade

    Instead of having the same extended cast, I'm thinking we rework things a bit. When the wormhole was discovered, the Romulans (magically closer to Bajor and the Cardassian border) flex their muscle and become the main baddies.

    Tomalak is the baddie (Dukat)

    Sela is his second (Damar)

    Mid-series, when the Romulans go too far and are nearly conquered by a the Federation-Klingon alliance, they make a devil's bargain with the Borg (Weyoun) and ultimately have to deal with the Borg Queen (Founder).

    ...I'm seeing Tomalak (who made the initial overtures to the Borg) betrayed by Pardek (et tu, Brute?) and murdered by Sela as she's voluntarily half-assimilated and becomes the go-between between the Queen and Pro-Consul Neral.

    Kurn rises to prominence after the war and becomes the general in charge of the Klingon forces near the station (Martok).

    Vash shows up like Cassidy Yates from time to time, but here Picard and Crusher do have the serialized format(?) to get together.

    Moriarty is a sentient hologram (Vic Fontaine) who refuses to be shut off again, and strikes a deal to make fun (though sometimes dangerous) experiences for his guests (Quark-ish).

    The Cardassians are still around and we occasionally see Guls Evek, Ocett, Lemec, Madred, and...Macet :rofl:.

    Also included are the four younger characters from "Lower Decks." Maybe Sito Jaxa is the Hand of Worf, playing Good Cop when dealing with Bajorans. Or maybe she's in longterm undercover for him, but no one knows but him.

    O'Brien I kind of don't want to play with too much for obvious reasons. But maybe it'd be fun if he were transporter chief (maybe in a large Cardassian Grand Central transporter room on the Promenade) in exactly one episode where there's an accident, and they go to the Mirror Universe. They discover evil/good versions of them all, and he stays to lead the Resistance or something. Or because Molly got lost. Or because his Mirror self died and he needed to finish the mission. Or...

    Anyone want to take a stab at the other characters not listed?
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    Picard would refuse to be the Emissary.
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    Switch it to Minuet. She's already in a lounge.

    Riker would be in command of the Defiant. Troi, like Ezri, would be Counselor. Those are the best places I can think of to put them. Or keep Riker as First Officer but still make Ro the Head Liaison.

    Everything else looks good. I especially like Sito working for Worf and them putting on a Good Cop, Bad Cop act. And I'm imagining that Crusher would hate Vash.
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    Jean-Luc Picard as Station Commanding Officer, following the tragic deaths of his brother and sister-in-law he finds himself raising his young nephew Rene Picard. The local inhabitants of the system name him their Emissary to the Prophets, which leads him to discover an artificially created wormhole.

    Number One is appointed XO and Liaison between the Starfleet crew on DS9 and his homeworld, where genetic engineering has become essential in order to combat the devastating environmental damage his world has sustained at the hands of the Romulan Empire. He is considered the best of his "batch" hence the title.

    Beverly Crusher is the station's Doctor. One of Starfleet's best, not only must she look after the health and wellbeing of the stations crew and transients, but she is also given the task of helping the planet recover from the crude genetic engineering and widespread diseases and medical issues its caused.

    Data serves as Science Officer. An artificial life-form that can survive any environment as well as being the repository of information for an extinct alien race, his assignment to the station was only logical.

    Deanna Troi is the Communications/Diplomatic Officer. She works closely with Picard and Number One to establish and maintain good relations, though things may go a little too far with the ruggedly handsome alien native.

    Geordi La Forge is the stations overworked and overburdened Chief of Operations. With too much work to do and not enough people to get it done, he is often pulled in multiple directions, luckily Data is on hand to offer his services where needed.

    Tasha serves as Chief of Station Security. Unlike Number One, she is seen as a reject and has had a far harder life, though this has made her a scrapper but is determined to ensure others have a better life than she did.
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    That’s part of the fun of hoisting it on him.
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    Do we think Picard would have gotten to the point where he'd do his own version of Sisko's actions "In the Pale Moonlight"? Because that's hard for me to imagine with the Picard we're familiar with.
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    I think he’d find another way to get them in the war. He was an experienced diplomat, he had the Spock connection, and he and Riker were Romulan experts.
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    No. He would have thwarted the murder plot hatched by some other people, gaining the personal trust of Vreenak, who would have then gotten the Romulans to intervene.
  9. JirinPanthosa

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    I’m not certain of that, I think he’d treat it the same way as Arbitrer of the Throne.

    Tomalak would be very different in his attitude than Dukat. He was more of a strategist than a narcissist. He would have tried to provoke Bajor into revenge for the Occupation, and find sneaky ways to keep the Federation out of it.

    Obviously Picard would have less tolerance for moral violations on grounds of necessity, but maybe he could have prevented conflict with Klingons or made Cardassia realize joining the Dominion was a terrible idea.
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    I know you say not to have the extended cast, but we can't forget about Garak. Who would replace him in this setting?

    The answer is no one. He was the most unique character on DS9... very likely the entire franchise. DS9 feels more hollow without Garak.

    So if there is one character we keep from real DS9 to this TNG version, it's Garak.

    I think his interactions with the various crew would be very interesting.
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    Apr 22, 2001
    I forgot about her! She'd be an interesting recurring. I don't know if I like her more than Moriarty for recurring danger though. I'd really like to see both. I wonder what other TNG/DS9 holoprograms could work here.

    That's kinda what I was thinking for these two. That is, if we don't make Riker captain of the Enterprise, and have it as a recurring presence on the show – it would make sense during the war(s).

    Troi's office on the Promenade might be interesting. With such a large station, would she have a counseling staff?

    I secretly want to see her hanging around at Ops tho. As an advisor to Picard (especially as early on and as originally intended), but also to annoy all the people who were annoyed by her on the bridge.

    Also, I've never been able to forget the terrifying Mirror Troi in Diane Duane's Dark Mirror. She was a mind-reading terror there with more power on the ship, and maybe we'd see some of that book in this DS9's Mirror Universe. But I wonder if we could also use the DS9 setting as an opportunity to do more engaging things with Troi as well.

    This is creative, but I don't like the idea of making him too Sisko. I think Worf/Alexander, Beverly/Wesley, Data/Lal, Deanna/Ian, Riker/Jean-Luc, and others might offer enough opportunity to do parent/child episodes.

    It'd be interesting to see her Quickening episode, others. Or dealing with Dr. Toby Russell. The episode when the mysterious Ronin comes to the station around the time the Promenade becomes haunted, with fog and lighting and Scottish stone. (No need to hate me; I already do.)

    More could have been done with his memories from Omicron Theta, his absorption of Lal, others. The serialized format could have explored that further.

    Yeah, I think so too. I may think of someone else to do the Garak bit later, but mostly I wanted to get rid of Dukat and a lot of the same ol' same ol'. Garak though would be fascinating with the TNG crew. It might be interesting to use his past experiences on Romulus too (A Stitch in Time is my favorite Trek novel) now that the Romulans are far more prominent.
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    Show would never have worked with the TNG characters as written. Each is its own "animal"
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    They would all get very bored. They are born-to-be explorers.
  14. Arpy

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    Apr 22, 2001
    And this would be a different one than either TNG or DS9 as we know them.

    If we're opening the door with Garak, without repeating ourselves too much, I'd be curious what the Bajoran politics episodes would have been like here. Vedeks Winn and Bareil, Kai Opaka, General Krim, Colonel Day, Minister Jaro, Li Nalas, Shakaar...Ro Laren, others. It could all have played out very differently.

    Still, part of the fun of DS9 was going to the homeworlds of the characters and exploring them further. It might have been fun to visit Betazed and see the house (estate?) Deanna grew up in. And explore their matriarchal society...well, mostly.

    If we explore more Data's uploaded memories of Omicron Theta, maybe we could see it in a flashback episode/arc. He could show some of the multiple personalities we saw in TNG's "Masks" too.

    Worf we already did with the "Redemption" two-parter and others. And Beverly was born on Earth's moon...with its fifty-million inhabitants, maybe that would be a fascinating place to visit as well.

    Guinan had a big family and lived a long time. I wonder if there's a way to maintain her Yoda-like mystery, yet maybe have visits to the station by relatives. If the Borg are the Dominion of this series, she'd have a few things to say about them. Maybe her relatives could be stunt casting too. Maybe Paul Winfield could be her brother? Or, if we really want to go for it, Eddie Murphy!?! He was nearly in Star Trek IV, and she had the star-power to bring him in. Plus, in real life, she dated fellow Trekkie Ted Danson. Maybe he could have been an ex. This is kind of wild, but maybe the reason Q was scared of her in "Q Who" is because a Q (Ted Danson) had previously fallen in love with her and given her powers to protect herself from them. It's like that time when Death fell in love with a mortal.
  15. Jayson1

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    Here is my idea. Doctor Crusher dies and Picard has to raise Wesley on the space station while still grieving the loss of Beverly. Wesley makes friends with Toral who Picard doesn't like because of the Duras family but eventually we find out he doesn't want to be like them either but he still loves his mom from the harlots chamber. Jason
  16. Arpy

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    Apr 22, 2001
    I really hate to lose Beverly, but I kinda like this. I've been trying to think of someone to pair Wesley with other than Nog as I don't see the chemistry there, and that could be interesting. Maybe we see Beverly in flashbacks or as a character in Picard's head he talks to, like Baltar and Six. Or in a holoprogram.

    Is it Picard who doesn't like him (maybe he doesn't trust his motives) or Worf who (as a Klingon) holds the son responsible for the crimes of his father, yet who (as security chief) is charged with protecting the station's inhabitants...even from his own brother General Kurn who may want Toral and all Duras dead? ...though this idea does betray Worf a little because he specifically didn't kill Toral in the High Council chamber in TNG when Toral's life was offered to him.
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    Even though it wouldn't be Beverly the female changling could look like her to mess with his head. With no Odo around there is no reason to give them that Odo style. As for Toral, Worf wouldn't like him at first either. He would grow on people and his mom would be the one who owns the Klingon resturant that kind of stopped using in later seasons. Ro would be head of security like in the books. Worf would be first officer because he is fiery like Kira. Riker would be permanent first officer of Defiant. Data would be science officer. Geordi would be Riker's first officer. O'Brien would have his DS9 job. Troi would run the bar using her powers to sense what people and provide it. Q who never got his powers back would be the doctor. Jason
  18. Jayson1

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    Mar 21, 2017
    I meant to say Riker would be captain of Defiant, not first officer. Jason
  19. Arpy

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    ^ Some interesting ideas here. In my version, I swapped out the Dominion for the Borg, but if we keep them, making Beverly the Female Changeling is genius. You get to get rid of her and experience the "performance" in a very different, meaty, way.

    Deanna, in this version, reclaims the Guinan role she lost with the addition of Goldberg. She might have been fascinating as the empathic barkeep. Though I'll miss the Counselor in Ops idea hehehe...maybe we could sneak a command bench in their somewhere :devil: :guffaw: :bolian:

    It's also nice to honor O'Brien this way. Though, would we make him a lieutenant?

    Riker would be the permanent Defiant skipper, a commander in the rank structure like Sisko was while initially commanding the ship, and like in real life where often it's an officer lower than a captain commanding a ship and called "captain." La Forge there is also good, as you need to populate the ship with more crew. Maybe he's chief engineer there, Shelby's the first officer, Lavelle's the pilot, others? Taurik, Duffy, Lefler, Argyle, Gomez...

    I wouldn't want to keep Q a human though. I think Pulaski and Selar could replace Crusher on the station and or the Defiant. He could have some other role in the series. Either similar to that on TNG, or a new one with he Prophets. No pat-wraiths though in this series. The closest I'd allow is Nagilum being a baddie from the alternate dimension of the wormhole who envelopes the whole station/ship/wormhole and experiments on everyone as he explores our universe. He'd be pandemonium on the Promenade.
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    Even better, what would happen if as part of a reprimand for various misbehaviors, a certain James Kirk were stuck manning a deep space station in a frontier setting...?