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    Well there ya go, then... I stand corrected...
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    Well i like my toys. Thanks for the admiration!

    You actually see "the other side of the Drydock" in the distance in TMP when Scotty and Kirk are flying towards the Enterprise. However, that's a trick: they just reversed the ship in the drydock and filmed it from that orientation. The "back" of the drydock" is unfinished and does not have nav lights.

    Or to say it the other way: the back of the drydock is for canon purposes the same as the front as that is how it is shown in the movie!

    (amazing what you can see with those blu-rays).

    The drydock looked sadly like a sun tan salon without an Enterprise, so i found a 6 foot version Phase II, probably originally for a Planet Hollywood but likely not displayed, and had it converted to a TMP look alike.
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    Oh, and here is the "office" from the Generations configuration.

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    ...The docked shuttle is a cute detail.

    But what is the purpose of the swiveling mechanism? It doesn't look as if it would allow the structure to get any more out of the way of the E-B than it already is, not without the frame of the dock blocking the way. So it's probably in extreme down position already. Yet what would it be doing higher up, ever? Is it supposed to mate with the processed ship somehow? I don't see any docking bits or otherwise "functional" features at the left end of the structure, to justify bringing that end closer to the ship.

    Is the fictional rationale of the mechanism to bring the top of the office to direct contact with the bottom of the saucer, perhaps? One of the saucer ventral hatches might mate with whatever mechanism is hidden under that top dome of the office, facilitating shirtsleeves access (albeit via some sordid cargo bay or whatever).

    Timo Saloniemi
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    Kinda getting back to part of your original post here...
    I have always wondered why there was so much space on the top part of the Drydock or what I like to call the overhead modules. There appears to be enough room for several decks worth of space or a few decks worth of storage space for cargo carriers, work bees, extra shuttle craft travel pods and other misc. items. Throughout the fly-by sequence in TMP you see many of these craft zooming by loaded with containers and other equipment. I doubt that all of them would be flying in from the orbital office facility which is quite a distance away. As was noted in a previous reply to this thread you can see a travel pod sitting in the small hangar at the front of the Dock. The hanger appears to have it's doors closed. Would there really be that much unused space in those modules or would they be storage facilities. I agree with "search4" that the dock was turned around to show those hangar doors at the rear of the dock as well. After you click on these links you can click on FULL SIZE to get a better look at these pics.
    This pic shows that this is so and could also prove that the work bees and cargo carriers could be launched from the back end of the dock so they could take a short hop to the Enterprise's Hangar.
    The second pic shows how the filming miniature had no details on the back end of the dock.
    Anyway I have scratch built a drydock for a 1/350 scale refit Enterprise model kit and decided to add the same features to the both the front and rear of the dock based on the first picture because I wanted to show that there was something more to this structure than mass with a few tiny entrances on only the front end of the massive structure. It just seemed like wasted space with no purpose, so I added the rear doors to mimic the first picture.
    This is the front end per ST:TMP, and ...
    This is what the back end might look like with the hangar doors opened.
    Behind the hangar could be storage, or maintenance and/or manufacturing facilities, but I did not have time to go into that kind of detailing with the model.
    I realize there are a lot of comments about cannon, but I believe your post is opening up discussion for what the functionality of the Drydock is or could be which means of course there will be some speculation in some of the posts. I mean, there is a lot of discussion about the purpose of the red and green lights. A lot of speculation! And a lot of great ideas have been voiced. The filming miniature never had any hangar doors, detailing or Red and Green lights put on the rear of the dock because there was no need to for it. When they needed a shot of the rear of the dock it was easier to turn the Enterprise miniature around and film it from the back end making the dock appear to have similar details as the front end. So because they filmed it in this manner, it can also be concluded that there were Red and Green lights on the back end as well. That is of course my own speculation. The total functionality of the drydock as it appears in TMP cannot be absolute because the miniature was made only to appear for a few minutes in a fantastic fly-by scene. So they only built what was going to appear on the screen as is done with most movies. It's all about "cost cutting."
    It's interesting that this thread contains some ideas of the dock's shielding and other functions it might have, but let me ask this... What does the top of the drydock look like? No one knows because it was never built to be shown on the big screen. It is possible there may be shield generators and defensive weapons or even power grids that are up there as well. They're just unseen on the screen. Again that is my speculation. Or what about all of the detailing underneath the modules. All of those things could be said to be power units, defensive mechanisms power nodules. There are so many details under there (trust me, I know) that their function could be just about anything you can imagine them to be.
    As far as I know there are no specific layout blueprints of the dock and it's modules. So it is impossible to guess what all of the functions of it are. But these are just some of my thoughts and pics of what I do know about the filming miniature.
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    There's an area on the starboard near-camera side with a travel pod docked there that looks like an enclosed facility. Think it is on Probert's detail drawings as well.