downfall parody - kirk vs. picard

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    Ok, a word of explanation. After watching so many downfall parody's (many of which are hilarious), I got the urge to make one myself. Since initially I had no idea how to make one, it took quite a bit of research before I could start.
    First, I had to download Windows Movie Maker 2.6 (the best version for this kind of work; later versions aren't as good), and secondly, a site where you can download downfall clips which have no subtitles).
    Then it was just a matter of learning to work with WMM 2.6 (a handy tutorial can be found on the same site where I found the clips).

    Finally, I uploaded the final result on youtube (which you can find in the link above).

    Keep in mind this is my very first try, so it's not as good as some other parody's out there.

    I'm kinda hoping that it will inspire some people on this board to give it a try themselves, especially those who are good with words and have a great sense of humour.
    I'll post the necessary links if there's a demand for it.

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    Nerys Myk
    wie Parodien sind verboten
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    Dec 1, 2004
    milky way... there abouts
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    Aug 20, 2009
    This video contains content from Constantin Film, who has blocked it on copyright grounds
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    Yeah, Downfall re-subs are pretty thin on the ground these days, after the C&D order...