Does Picard have Admin Staff/Aides?

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by Nathan, Nov 28, 2013.

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    Bob The Skutter
    And if he's doing the latter does he shout out when he finishes and they here him say "Come in!".
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    Perhaps humanity had outgrown the need to "play with themselves" by the 24th century. Or even by the 22nd century. It would explain the sexual tension problems on Archer's Enterprise.
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    Maybe all of the stuff aides would do can simply done by the computer.
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    Wasn't that Troi's job? I mean, all she seemed to do was sit by his side looking pretty.
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    Might also explain Trip's foot fetish.

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    I suspect that the real reason this is even an issue is because the creators of the show, and indeed all Trek, failed to show us a sufficiently advanced AI to fill the gap in lost support staff.

    I think of it this way, a few years ago, the organization that I work for decided to get rid of most of the personal admins for management staff because in order to cut costs. The reasoning went that much of what the admins do is increasingly handled electronically anyway. Voice mails, emails, meeting requests, reports etc are all shared via our internal network. The idea being that everything was so organized that managers could deal with it themselves. Unfortunately it quickly became apparent that the sheer volume of electronic data was often too much for them to keep track of. Just prioritizing the info took an extraordinary amount of time. Thus the admins came back to act as gatekeepers and managers of al, of that information.

    In Star Trek, admins would not be needed if the ship's AI were actually depicted as not only efficient but actually intelligent. Think of Romie on Andromeda or Selma on Time Trax. Either of them could sufficiently act as an aide since they easily interact with other people and were shown to be intelligent enough to make independent judgements. Unfortunately, going all the way back to TOS, the Enterprise computer has never been shown to be capable of making its own decisions. Users have to tell it what to do. In essences its not shown to be much smarter than a modern PC. It just has a better UI. In fact on Trek...they've created the problem that everything a computer is shown to be sufficiently intelligent to make independent choices, it makes the leap to full fledged life form and everyone justifiably freaks out. Thus the computers can never be allowed to reach full potential. The Doctor on Voyager is perfect example of a full fledged AI that should be operational in multiple capacities on Starfleet ships in support capacities for all personnel. Unfortunately, Voyager took what should have been a useful tool and made it a character in its own right and then said that it's a person and should not be limited to the tasks for which it was designed.

    Given what has happened with Data, the exocomps, nanites, moriarity, The Doctor, and indeed the Enterprise's no wonder that Starfleet seems to keep the computers as dumb and of limited usefulness as possible.