Do these parts in "Best of Both Worlds" make you laugh?

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    May 25, 2013
    Oh dear, so many things made me laugh...Some that haven't been mentioned:

    Worf: He IS a Borg!

    Picard/Locutus's tear. (I know, I'm bad/was already in major chuckle mode.)

    Picard/Locutus in sickbay telling everyone how they'll be assimilated until Beverly shuts him up with a hypo.

    O'Brien: At what point should I shut it down if there's a problem?

    Data: I do not know...I have never done this before.

    Data: Processing...processing.........stand by......processing!

    Picard/Locutus's dramatic grasp of Data's arm/making "first contact"; and sure, the fact of how awkwardly undressed Picard/Locutus was.

    Bottom line: Best of Both Worlds, on the big screen is like experiencing magnificent hyperbole.
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    I wish I'd remembered to catch BoBW at the theaters back in April. It must've been so cool to see a TNG episode in such a large format. Was the resolution really good and did it have a kind of "movie" feel about it? Or was it more like showing a TV broadcast on a large screen?

    Anyway, sounds like this episode would be a good candidate for a laugh track. ;) (Much better one was Amok Time).
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  3. Igard

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    Taken from the script I found on -

    96 EXT. SPACE - THE BORG SHIP (OPTICAL) moving by Mars... unmanned pods attack it... the Borg ship destroys them easily... moves on... and now we reveal their final destination... the familiar shape of Earth straight ahead..."

    I found this scene to be quite chilling actually. The real defence of Earth took place at Wolf 359, where most of the fleet was obliterated. This is all we had left to defend ourselves.

    The only part that makes me laugh out loud each time I watch it, is the scene where Shelby, Data, Worf and Dr. Crusher beam over to the Cube to rescue Picard.

    First of all they all stand around for a moment taking readings. The first one to venture forward is Beverly. Not the Klingon warrior, not the Borg specialist commander, and not the android with superior strength!

    Then Beverly scans something and says, "Look at this! It's extrodinary!". She's looking at a flahsing thing on the ceiling, much like every other flashy thing in the room. I know it's the tricorder readings that are extraordinary, but still makes me laugh! :D
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    Hahaha! :lol:I love Riker's 'No shit, Sherlock' expression as Worf says this
  5. Jerikka Dawn

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    In the scene where Shelby orders Data to randomize the phaser frequencies against the Borg tractor beam -- after the tractor beam is taken out, I get a chuckle when I see the triumphant look on her face because it looks so damn smug. I'd have loved her as Riker's XO long term.

    I still laugh out loud at the fearsome Mars Defense Perimeter.
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  6. HaventGotALife

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    The only thing that bothers me is the amount of time that the Borg take after we see Picard as Locutus for the first time. They just stop their assault on the Away Team when we see the leader. They don't try to capture them to get the assimilated or take away their phasers. There's plenty of time for Crusher to say "Jean-Luc." And Worf, who was wrestling with a borg, has time to say "Captain." The Borg stop because they stop attacking the ship. It bothers me every time.