Did people cheer when Nimoy's Spock showed up?

Discussion in 'Star Trek Movies: Kelvin Universe' started by Joby, May 10, 2009.

  1. Joby

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    Nov 1, 2001
    I went to a 4pm showing of Star Trek yesterday, lot of people in the theater but certainly not packed, and when Nimoy's Spock showed up there was a loud bit of cheering and applause. I was genuinely surprised by this. I expected that stuff to happen at the Thursday midnight showing, or Friday night or later Saturday night showings. But a 4pm viewing? Amazing. Simply amazing.

    Don't know if they were fans like us or casual folks who simply know who Leonard Nimoy is and how legendary his Spock character is, but either way it was a pleasant and even heartwarming suprise and event.

    When I left the theater, I heard two teenager or very early 20 something kids say, "dawg I ain't never watch Star Trek, but I'm gettin' this on DVD!"

    I was like wow, I never, ever, EVER thought Trek could be percieved as this cool and reach these type of very mainstream film goers.
  2. God Magnus

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    Jul 10, 2001
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    In both showings I went to (7pm Thursday and Friday) the crowd cheered at Nimoy appearing. It was a great feeling. They also cheered at the end when Nimoy completed the "Space, the final frontier..." speech.

    VOODOOXI Commander Red Shirt

    Oct 17, 2007

    At the preview screening I attended (Trekkers were dressed in character) Nimoy just about got a standing ovation.

    A women next to me actually started crying. She scared the hell out of me.
  4. MikeS

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    Sep 6, 2008
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    We don't really do cheering in the UK. You'd be getting told to shut up, just as an usher approaches to throw you out...
  5. Franklin

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    Aug 22, 2006
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    Went to a 5:30 showing in a full theater. No cheering for Nimoy or anything else. Very quiet crowd, actually. No laughing. Just a few chuckles here and there. A small smattering of applause at the end. It was weird, given the audience reactions some posters have described.
  6. Strekrules

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    Jun 15, 2000
    Must have been filled with those old trek farts who hate fun ;)

    I've seen it three times (advance screening, friday in IMAX, and yesterday in a normal theater)..with the IMAX crowd by far being the biggest "trek" group.

    In all three the crowd got into at least a little bit, and laughed quite a bit at all the comedy. I think every crowd got a last a little excited when Prime Spock showed up!

    Now the IMAX crowd was crazy. Every time we met a bridge character they clapped. Every time a character said something "classic" they went crazy! It was quite a lot of fun!
  7. Hermiod

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    Mar 16, 2006
    A full house cheered at my showing in at the Empire in London.
  8. DaveG

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    Oct 21, 2004
  9. anti-matter

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    Jan 5, 2002
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    We went to a Friday afternoon showing and the theater crowd was very subdued.
  10. Cyke101

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    Feb 11, 2007
    Not cheered, but the much of the audience gasped. A handful of people clapped.

    But yes, people went wild with huge smiles when Spock recited the "Space, the final frontier" line. And I can't speak for everyone, but I'm so sure at least a few people had some tingles when the TOS theme fully played.
  11. thesadpanda

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    Feb 28, 2002
    The first time I went to it, yeah, there was some clapping and cheering for Nimoy (and also for the Enterprise the first time we saw it in space).

    The second time there wasn't any cheering for Nimoy but when he turned around there was that sound that comes from a room full of people quietly gasping all at once. That was better than applause.
  12. Agent Richard07

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    Jun 20, 2001
    Yes, his appearance was one of 6 occasions that got a round of applause.

    Before he turned around, I thought he was Scotty.
  13. Kelso

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    May 3, 2001
    On the destruct button until the last minute!
  14. AxelFoley

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    Mar 7, 2008
    No, Swedish audiences suck complete ass when it comes to these things.
  15. Count Zero

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    Mar 19, 2005
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    In the Wednesday showing I went to, they did. I assume most of the audience was quite knowledgeable in Trek from their reactions throughout the movie but no one was in costume or wore a Trek shirt as far as I can tell.
  16. Classic Fan

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    Jan 20, 2003
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    I didnt cheer, i just had a big smile.

    No one else cheered, heard a few whispers around saying about it.

    Loved it though, of all the places Kirk is shot out of the ship, its Delta Vega, and of all the caves he could go into, Spock is there. :wtf:

    Cool though, loved the scene to bits.

    The way Spock looks down at this guy who has stumbled into his hermit cave and just stands awstruck and just says "James Kirk?" Simple but great.

    Especially the explanation that he IS older Spock and why he is there, only to be answered with a disconcerting "Bullshit!" :guffaw:

    I loved the fact that at the end, he is watching the honours ceromony and just utters "Thrusters to full", cant remember exactly.

    Also loved the exchange between Spock and Spock, didnt see that coming. It was well written, and the fact that due to the massive loss of such an influencial planet, old Spock decided to approach and make himself known to his alternate younger self and explain, the human part of him obviously coming through as Spock of TOS and early movies would never have jeopodised the future by creating a paradox.

    It was touching scene where one Spock knew and loved his mother well into the movies, while the other has lost his mother and his home planet:(.

    Still left the door open for Nimoy to return to the Spock character, maybe.
  17. MikeS

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    Sep 6, 2008
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    Me too!
  18. RAMA

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    Dec 13, 1999
    That's why the US is more exciting!
  19. cooleddie74

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    Apr 25, 2001
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    I heard more than several people go "YEAH!" and applaud. But no whoops or cheers.
  20. Warp Coil

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    Mar 15, 2001
    Applause for Nimoy in both the Friday night and Saturday night showings. Crowded (nearly full) theaters both times. The Friday night crowd stayed in their seats during the credits and applauded when Nimoy's name popped up. The Saturday night folks seemed more like "average joes" than Trek fans, but there was still a lot of reaction and a thunderous applause when the film ended. People are loving this thing.