Did Enterprise fandom dissipate exceptionally thoroughly?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Enterprise' started by Sumire, Dec 30, 2022.

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    I just find it interesting that in the finale, Mayweather, Hoshi, Reed, and Phlox weren’t broken up about Trip dying. And in reality, A/T’P shippers weren’t broken up about Trip dying either.
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    It has already been established that I get emotional about everything but I find that so difficult to understand. I’m as devoted to my preferred ships as almost anyone (I can think of two characters in all my fandoms that I read more than one pairing for, so call me 99% OTP for life :hugegrin:) but I also love friends and found family. I get very invested in everyone on shows and I am practical enough to mourn the end of a steady paycheck for actors.

    I am still upset about the death of TNG’s Tasha Yar. I wish Kes had been kept on Voyager. I watched DS9 less than either of those (surprise, anything called dark or gritty isn’t my jam) but the behind the scenes unfairness leading to Jadzia’s death still rankles. I didn’t ship any of them but death is sad! Especially death of a close friend, which is what Trip was for Archer and T’Pol. Even if you didn’t ship Trip, being so callous about his death seems really strange to me. But, perhaps other people have better emotional boundaries when it comes to fiction. I bet they don’t even run out of the room when someone on screen gets embarrassed. Nerves of steel! :)
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    Anna you can get in contact with Shanna Gilkeson about The Delphic expanse she has an e-mail address on her twitter page she's a college professor .
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    I just found a site called The Delphic Expanse. If only I found its forums a few yea-

    Thankfully, the fanfic archives are still up.

    Also those image threads :p.