CW Looking to Add New Arrowverse Series in 2020

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    It's a standard over the air channel. At one point we looked into just getting an antenna, but we live in an apartment and they didn't want an exterior antenna and DVR was an issue.
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    It's a broadcast network like its predecessors The WB and UPN, so it's usually on basic cable.
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    It's usually a local channel in a majority of markets (meaning no, the Cable/Satellite providers don't charge extra - and hell if you have an HD anttena you can watch it free and clear off the air.)

    Plus, online, if you go to the CW website - you can stream and watch the episodes 100% for free the day after they air (at least in the U.S.)
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    ^ Hell, on the west coast, you can watch at 11pm day of.
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    The actor who plays adult JJ in the 2040 storyline is going to be in the Green Arrow and The Canaries backdoor pilot. Nforot sure what this means for the time period of the show, so far we've only seen him in the future, but he was with Mia when she was pulled back to the present. Then there's always the chance Mia's show could follow in her father's footsteps and do flashbacks..... oh wait, they'll be going into the future, so would that be flashforwards... but it's Mia's past... so... flashbackfors?
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    Yeah, I asked @Neroon to reopen the "temporarily" closed Superman & Lois thread so I could post this news, but he hasn't yet responded.

    There's a lot of speculation online that these two characters are (an aged-up) Jon Kent and Damian Wayne, since their pairing as the "Super Sons" was very much a thing in the comics. Personally, I think the first description is almost certainly Jon, but I'm more skeptical about the Damian thing.
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