Course: Oblivion Questions

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    I have 3 main Questions about this episode.
    1. Was Tom Paris and B'lanna's wedding held at about the same time and went the same way on the Real Voyager as on the Silver Voyager?
    2. If the Silver Voyager was ahead of the Real Voyager would it be safe to assume that they met alien species and that they would be told that they have met Voyager before and that would lead to confusion?
    3. If the Silver Voyager had a advanced upgraded warp core, then why didn't the Real Voyager have it?
  2. Turd Ferguson

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    Oct 8, 2003
    I've not seen this episode in forever, but wasn't the real Voyager ahead of the Demon Voyager? I seem to remember the ship breaking apart right when the real Voyager comes into visual range. I could be wrong, though. About time for a rewatch :)
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    Have you seen all seven seasons? Your first question is answered later in the show.

    Second question. They didn't necessarily take the same course as real voyager and would not have met the same aliens. A tiny course correction would lead them along a whole different route with different things.

    Third...they just didn't.
  4. DonIago

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    #3 could be a direct result of #2.
  5. Farscape One

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    Mar 2, 2017
    Regarding #2, the Silver crew were far ahead of the real crew, but they decided to turn back after they realized what they were. More specifically, after Chakotay suggested going back to the Demon planet and him dying, Janeway finally orders them back to Demon.
  6. Jirin Actin Kinda Sus

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    Well, Silver Voyager ran into Real Voyager after they turned around to try to get back to the Demon Planet. But in between Demon and Course: Oblivion, Real Voyager got 30000ly total jump from Timeless and Dark Frontier. However in C:O it's implied that engine upgrades would have gotten Silver home in two years, but also that they were still on the other side of the core, which Real Voyager shouldn't have been based on those numbers.

    1) Real Tom and B'elana didn't get married till much later.
    2) It's likely they met some other aliens on the way but remember, Voyager's two big jumps. Probably skipped them.
    3) Silver Voyager had a lucky find.