Couldn't find a thread for this...has anyone been to see "Jobs?"

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    Full of hot air.
    He's Ashton Kutcher, which is one of my main problems with the film. While I suppose I like him a bit more than most, it was really one of those cases where it's hard to see the character and not the actor.

    Whereas Wyle, for example, was sometimes indistinguishable from Jobs. (Though I actually think AMH did the better job in that film overall.)
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    I'll join the chorus of people recommending Pirates of Silicon Valley. Though, I'll be interested to see if Sorkin's version is any good.
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    Kutcher's actually really very good, particularly as the snake oil salesman that Jobs was in the '70s and '80s. I had no qualms with him at all.

    What did bother me, though, was that the film was almost a hagiography. Case in point: In real life, when the 1984 Super Bowl commercial was shown to the board of directors, the response was first stunned silence, and then outrage -- everyone hated it, outside of Jobs. The board then ordered Chiat\Day, the agency which produced it, to sell off Apple's ad spots. Jobs, however, believing that the ad was a winner, told Jay Chiat to sell off Apple's 30-second spot, but lie to the board and say he couldn't find a taker for the 60-second spot (which was reserved for 1984). The ad ran, and the rest is history.

    In the film, 1984 is shown to the board, which then erupts in a standing ovation and uproarious praise, and one of the board members goes over to Jobs, shakes his hand and says, "This is a game-changer."

    Obviously biopics are going to take artistic license, but ... that's a classic example of Jobs' stubbornness paying dividends, and it would have worked great on film, but instead it was just kind of limp.
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    They changed that critical bit of Apple/Jobs history that drastically? Oy vey! Now I really hope that Sorkin's version is better.
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    Damn, and that's a dramatic story that would have probably been better on screen anyway. That's a stupid change.
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    Have the filmmakers mentioned why they made that change?