Completely original Kelvinverse ship and crew

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    Whilst I think rebooting Next Gen in the Kelvinverse is one of the very worst ideas I have ever heard, Sybilla Deen from The Last Ship season 4 is perfect casting for Troi.
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    So, I was skeptical of this idea, but recently I've been rethinking it. Recently the Star Trek Discovery was released on home video, and I'm about halfway through and enjoying it so far. And I know the showrunners have said stuff to the effect that it's meant to be set in the prime timeline. Yet in spirit it has a look and feel much akin to the Kelvin timeline aesthetic. So in spirit, DSC kind of is an original ship and crew set in the Kelvin timeline, even if it isn't. Which is making me think, "Yeah, actually, I can see that this could work for continuing the movies." Except that ironically now I don't feel like it's necessary, because now DSC is there.

    (Technically, I think Discovery exists in it's own narrative space, inspired by TOS and the Kelvin-verse and other ST things generally; maybe in a timeline that is somewhere between the prime timeline and TOS, but not actually in either of them. A version of TOS happens after Discovery.)
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    Anything Kelvinverse would be a movie, and so very different storytelling to TV. I think Rogue One showed you can do a standalone story in an established universe with all-knew characters and make people care.

    (And Solo would be the blueprint for what not to do)
    I see as a Gotham-type thing. It's before Bruce Wayne became Batman, but it's not a prequel to any specific version of Batman. Discovery definitely isn't Kelvinverse (the Klingon war doesn't fit with Into Darkness, where the Klingons were an unknown threat years later), but it doesn't fit with TOS either unless you pretend massive chunks of TOS and the way everything looked doen't count (which is apparently CBS' viewpoint). As a third take on the Trek mythos, it's cool.