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  1. sgtpixel

    sgtpixel Cadet Newbie

    May 28, 2010
    So I have a COMPLETE 39 VHS Tape CBS Video Library Hard clam shell type case set of all 78 Episodes and i am looking to Beam it to a new home...Problem is i couldn't find a good site to post the collection in good faith it would be in a true Trekkies hands. So i need help finding a place to post this Collection for sale. And even more importantly How much is this worth to a collector. Here is a list of all Episodes and what the boxes look like.

    episode one "The Cage" was the first of two pilots not popular enough to include with the Collectors Edition, so it is not included in the available tapes.

    Episodes that are included are:

    • "wolf in the fold"
    • "obsession"
    • "the cloud minders"
    • "the way to eden"
    • "the changeling"
    • "who mourns for adonais?"
    • "bread and circuses"
    • "the doomsday machine"
    • "is there in truth no beauty"
    • "the tholian web"
    • "tomorrow is yesterday"
    • "the city on the edge of forever"
    • "the omega glory"
    • "mirror, mirror"
    • "the naked time"
    • "balance of terror"
    • "the deadly years"
    • "friday's child"
    • "elaan of troyius"
    • "spectre of the gun"
    • "requiem for methuselah"
    • "turnabout intruder"
    • "a taste of armageddon"
    • "the devil in the dark"
    • "whom gods destroy"
    • "the lights of zetar"
    • "the ultimate computer"
    • "return to tomorrow"
    • "catspaw"
    • "shore leave"
    • "the galileo seven"
    • "court martial"
    • "let that be your last battlefield"
    • "plato's stepchildren"
    • "the corbomite maneuver"
    • "the man trap"
    • "the paradise syndrome"
    • "and the children shall lead"
    • "assignment: earth"
    • "day of the dove"
    • "that which survives"
    • "amok time"
    • "this side of paradise"
    • "the menagerie --parts i and 2"
    • "dagger of the mind"
    • "the conscience of the king"
    • "the enterprise incident"
    • "the empath"
    • "charlie x"
    • "the enemy within"
    • "errand of mercy"
    • "the gamesters of triskelion"
    • "the savage curtain"
    • "all our yesterdays"
    • "i, mudd"
    • "the trouble with tribbles"
    • "what are little girls made of?"
    • "miri"
    • "the apple"
    • "journey to babel"
    • "a private little war"
    • "the immunity syndrome"
    • "where no man has gone before"
    • "mudd's women"
    • "spock's brain"
    • "for the world is hollow and i have touched the sky"
    • "the squire of gothos"
    • "patterns of force"
    • "a piece of the action"
    • "by any other name"
    • "space seed"
    • "the return of the archons"
    • "the mark of gideon"
    • "wink of an eye"
    • "arena"
    • "the alternative factor"

    This is an incomplete photo but all cases are in excellent condition with VERY minor blemishes. the tapes them selves are in pristine condition as well.


    If anyone can help or is interested in this collection please contact me. Live Long and Prosper. :vulcan:
  2. Chrisisall

    Chrisisall Commodore Commodore

    Jul 5, 2009
    Sell it to a used record/tape/DVD place & expect not too many $ for it. Sorry.:rolleyes:
  3. T'Bonz

    T'Bonz Romulan Curmudgeon Administrator

    Apr 1, 2000
    Across the Neutral Zone
    Sorry, we don't permit sales on here.
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