Clearing Up the Timelines

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    All the "Prime Jumps" are blue because results of those jumps were seemingly reversed by the end of the episode.
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    No no no no no, the Quantum Doohicky theory states that if you jumped to the future again you could ONLY jump back to your original timeline. You could only observe the effects of the new timeline if you remained there. Hence, there are only 3 main timelines (Star Trek TOS Through Nemesis, First Contact - Enterprise and the Nero Timeline).
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    whats stopping the timeline from going perpendicularly into the chart, so missing everthing that we ever knew about?

    Helm, Z minus 10000 metres; stand by photon torpedoes!
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    Interesting charts
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    Let's not forget the original timeline in "Twilight," where Earth was destroyed by an alien death ray, and the last human survivors settled on Ceti Alpha Five.

    That had certain echoes of this new movie. Ceti Alpha Five seems like a swell spot for a new Vulcan colony (but Ambassador Spock probably crossed that off the list, knowing what will happen there 10 years from now).
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    We don't know that. Abrams might go with ridge headed Klingons in his version of the universe AND chose to ignore Andorians as a race.

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    OMG, so much of that becomes such a mess! I think the original posted diagram was fine! But the rest? Holy crap, I hate time travel!

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    Oy Vey...can we time travel to the post before this got all jingily jangily wibbley wobbley time wimey fracked up.....:wtf:
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    Oh this is going to hurt.

    First contact is altered because Future Picard may or may not exist due to events in Star Trek XI.

    Altered Timeline, following the more agressive ships. Possible response to the extinction of Vulcan and almost Extinction of the human race.

    Due to altered Timeline the events leading to Q sending Picard to meet the Borg may no longer apply.

    Picard does not meet the Borg, the Borg do not attempt to invade the Federation. Nor do they attempt to change the past because we haven't met.

    Second Alternative, Federation take a more Guns out of holsters deal after Vulcan extinction and multiple scans of the Romulan\Borg hyprid.

    When they do meet the Borg, Borg get creamed in any case the DO NOT go back in time altering First Contact.

    Also altered would be Archers Enterprise. His Enterprise was influenced by the Temporal War. The rescue of Kaang in the Pilot was made possible by Temporal altering of the established past.

    However the Temporal war no longer comes into play because the Nerada erased that Future. No Temporal War and who knows how that effects Archers Enterprise. The Suliban, Klingons even the Sphere Builders.

    But thats ok.

    While Archers Enterprise in NuTrek my no longer be in effect, it will still exist in Universe A.

    Pause...were going to need a bigger chart.

    And some asprian.
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    Maybe I'm getting it wrong or everyone else is... is this rather NOT a "new timeline" but instead an alternate/parallel universe?
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    It's an alternate reality. They even say so in the movie.
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    OK, how about this model. They didn’t travel through time at all, they just traveled to an alternate reality, and in the alternate reality, it’s about a hundred years earlier. So if they do any more traveling between the two universes, Pine and Quinto and their crew can come face to face with Stewart and his. Heh heh. :evil: :evil:
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    Huh *scratches head*
    I always thought an altrnative reality means that both (ore more) realities exist next to each other without influencing each other.
    (Each decision we make influences or even alters our reality to a certain point so there could be millions of realities next to each other)

    So I would guess the "old" timeline remains unchanged next to the "new" STXI timeline... (at least as long as nuKirk doesn't visit someone in the other universe :rommie:)

    Yeah, Aspirin is a good idea :lol:
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    The future, it seems, is wide open.....
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    I just wanna know. Did the Eugenics Wars happen in the 1990's? Was Voyager 6 launched by NASA in the late 1990's? Why are these events not in the todays history books? What universe do we live in?
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    Here's my version. More or less the same, but more adorable.[​IMG]

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    Aww... that's cute, Newski! Just what the timeline needed :)
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    Yet another version from Cryptic's forthcoming Star Trek Online game.

    [Hotlinked and oversize image converted to link. (Anthony gets pissed when people steal his bandwidth.) Images posted inline must be hosted on your own webspace. - M']
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    Okay, I'm well-versed in alternate universes. I have been acquainted with a few fantasy franchises that are a bit obsessed with alternate dimensions/realities that aren't necessarily going at the same rates of time (the dimensional theory put forth by Buffy/Angel is a place to start).

    This is really easy.

    We have two kinds of traveling going on here.

    All episodes where characters go back in the past within the same universe are the Grandfather Paradox-style time travel (Back to the Future).

    All episodes where characters meet alternate reality versions of themselves, those alternate versions are living out equal lives in an other universe. This is based on the Many-Worlds interpretation of Quantum/String theory. |

    With me so far?

    Parallel universes do not necessarily run concurrently to each other. The Mirrorverse is concurrent with the Primeverse. However, the Abramsverse is 154 years behind when Nero enters it and only 129 years behind when Spock Prime enters it in what he perceives to be only SECONDS later (a few seconds in the Primeverse is the equivalent of 25 years in the Abramsverse).

    To take this further... This Many-Worlds interpretation means that there are an infinite number of universes that might be equal or just slightly different from others all running at either the same or different speeds. Years or centuries in one dimension might be seconds in another.

    You are confusing in-universe time travel episodes with alternate dimensions. Star Trek contains both. The Voyage Home is in-universe time travel within the same dimension. Mirror, Mirror or Parallels are examples where alternate dimensions are supported. Star Trek '09 is the latter, but in a universe that is not concurrently running at the same speed.

    I also disagree with Paramount's version. The break in the timeline is not time travel back in time before the entry into the alternate dimension. We have support already that the dimension runs at a different rate of speed (Nero and Spock's entry times). The break is at 2387 which leads to 2233 for Nero and 2258 for Spock.
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