Change of Voyagers Premise

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    Have the Captain die (not Janeway) Janeway could hold the rank of Commander and Chakotay could be a Lieutenant Commander. After all no reason a full Captain should command a ship as small as Voyager.
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    You seem pretty enthusiastic about Trek Trekboy1993 but do you think you can hold off on starting so many threads? You've pretty much taken over the entire 1st page. I wouldn't want you to get a spamming warning or anything. Just chill a bit and let folks digest what you've already got going on. Thanks.

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    Why not?
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    Well aside that some people might draw issue with the first female lead of a Star Trek show not being a full Captain, though I would point out that the first black lead of a Star Trek show was also not a Captain initally.

    The idea of Janeway starting off as the XO rather than the CO has been mentioned a couple of times, but more from a Character development point of view. As she not only finds her self know in Command but has to get the ship and crews home.
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    Wow, your 23rd thread this week! That's double what I've done in a year across the whole site!