CBS/Paramount sues to stop Axanar 2 - Electric Boogaloo-Fanboys gone WILD-too many hyphens

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  1. Woulfe

    Woulfe Commodore Commodore

    Feb 18, 2005
    3rd Rock From The Sun

    So this thing is still going ?
    But still nothing to show for it yet ?

    Where is the movie, Peters ?
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  2. Woulfe

    Woulfe Commodore Commodore

    Feb 18, 2005
    3rd Rock From The Sun
    Oh, i need to congratulate y'all for hitting 1701+ pages in the 1st thread, good going gang

    PIE for everyone
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  3. motorhead

    motorhead Lieutenant Red Shirt

    Feb 18, 2016
    i don't think i knew any of them

    PIE Partners in Education

    PIE Progress in Industrial Ecology (journal; Inderscience Publishers)

    PIE Partners in Employment (disabilities)

    PIE Prevention, Intervention and Enforcement (crime fighting)

    PIE Parent Involvement in Education (various locations)

    PIE Pharmaceuticals in the Environment (various organizations)

    PIE Proto-Indo European (linguistics)

    PIE Platform for Information Exchange

    PIE Plastics Information Europe (publication)

    PIE Persuade, Inform, Entertain (writing)

    PIE Pan Island Expressway (Singapore)

    PIE Partners in Enterprise (various locations)

    PIE Pacific Image Electronics (various locations)

    PIE Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (various schools)

    PIE Plug-In Extension (software)

    PIE Punkt Informacji Europejskiej (Polish: European Information Point)

    PIE Pose, Illumination, and Expression (face recognition database)

    PIE Public Interest Entity (various locations)

    PIE Process Interface Electronics

    PIE Publication in Engineering

    PIE Portfolio Investment Entity

    PIE PIE laveden (Finnish)

    PIE Photo Imaging Expo

    PIE Pulmonary Interstitial Emphysema (medical)

    PIE Program Information Exchange (various organizations)

    PIE Partners in Excellence (customer-satisfaction program instituted by ARI leasing/fleet management company)

    PIE Pacific Internet Exchange (San Francisco, CA)

    PIE Prison Industry Enhancement (programs)

    PIE Pacific Intercultural Exchange (San Diego, CA)

    PIE Performance Image Exposure (career succss)

    PIE Post-Irradiation Examination

    PIE Point Info Energie (French: Info Point Energy)

    PIE Public Issues Education

    PIE Persistent Identification Element

    PIE Panasonic Industrial Europe GmbH (Panasonic Europe Ltd.)

    PIE Pacific Intermountain Express

    PIE Public Internet Exchange (various locations)

    PIE Price in Effect

    PIE Process Improvement Experiment

    PIE Personal Information Environment

    PIE Pre-Installation Environment (computer operating system environment)

    PIE Period of Initial Eligibility (insurance)

    PIE Presence, Identity and Edge Resources (peer to peer computing)

    PIE Project Import Export, Inc. (furniture; Miami, FL)

    PIE Peripheral Interrupt Expansion

    PIE Pulsed Irrigation Evacuation (enema)

    PIE Pride in Excellence

    PIE Private Internet Exchange

    PIE Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation

    PIE Postulated Initiating Event

    PIE Peer Integration Exchange

    PIE Package Installation Envelopes (Cisco)

    PIE Particle Impact Experiment

    PIE Platform for International Education (Netherlands)

    PIE Protocol Information Element

    PIE Permanent Intermittent Employee

    PIE Federación de la Plataforma de los Independientes de España

    PIE Parking Industry Exhibition and Conference

    PIE Psychological Impacts and Effects

    PIE Pulmonary Infiltrates with Eosinophils (lung disorder)

    PIE Personal Incidental Expenditure

    PIE Propagation, Infection, Execution (computer security)

    PIE Productivity Integrated Environment

    PIE Problems, Issues & Expectations (Analysis)

    PIE Policy and Information Encyclopedia

    PIE Pulse Interference Elimination

    PIE Partitioned/Programmable Interface Equipment

    PIE Photo-Ionization Efficiency (spectroscopy)

    PIE Policy Issuance Entry (Queue - Insurance)

    PIE Parlamento Indio Estatal (Spanish: Indian State Parliament; Mexico)

    PIE St Petersburg/Clearwater, FL, USA - St Petersburg/Clearwater International (Airport Code)
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  4. carlosp

    carlosp Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Dec 28, 2003
    On AxaMonitor: Ares Digital 3.0 Gets a Launch Timeline. Peters Predicts the Software Platform to Launch by end of February. We’ve finally gotten a timeline for launch of the software platform without which you’ll never see Axanar, the two short film fans have been waiting years for. Read more »

    (Note: An earlier version of this article first appeared Sunday in our newsletter, AxaMonitor Daily. You can sign up here.)
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  5. Professor Zoom

    Professor Zoom Admiral Admiral

    Sep 16, 2004
    I like how Peters will get software up and running before he got his movies made.
    And I'm sure we still won't see the movies.
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  6. feek61

    feek61 Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Nov 25, 2011
    In the Sunshine!
    I thought he said last month that the digital software B.S. would be ready 2/01 (or maybe I just mis-remembered).

    I have to mention (again) that the $250K that AP wants for his two 15 min. segments is about half of what it cost to produce ALL of Star Trek Continues. So, to put things into perspective, AP has already raised and spent more than twice what it cost to produce ALL eleven episodes of the Star Trek Continues series. So including the original money he raised plus the addtional $250K; STC could have produced about a 27 episode season. It is just baffling to me that he has wasted so much money and people still give it to him.

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  7. Ryan Thomas Riddle

    Ryan Thomas Riddle Vice Admiral Admiral

    Dec 26, 2003
    The Bay Area
    Axanar ceased being about making a movie a long time ago and remains a Ponzi scheme to line Peters' pockets.
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  8. Woulfe

    Woulfe Commodore Commodore

    Feb 18, 2005
    3rd Rock From The Sun
    PART 2 : Ect Etc Etc : ( No way am I typing that long [bleep] title again ) : Now With Even More Filler Then Ever...

    Was there ever a movie ?
    There is no movie only ZOUL !
    Oh Zoul you nut, let me talk to Peters...
    I want to talk to Peters...
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  9. Matthew Raymond

    Matthew Raymond Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Oct 24, 2016
    Technically, it's not a Ponzi scheme, but you can certainly argue that it's fraud, especially if he doesn't actually believe that he'll finish the film.
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  10. Nerys Myk

    Nerys Myk Kang, now with ridges Premium Member

    Nov 4, 2001
    House of Kang
    More of a Potsie scheme.
  11. Woulfe

    Woulfe Commodore Commodore

    Feb 18, 2005
    3rd Rock From The Sun
    PART 2 : ( you know the drill by now ) : Now a musical, no really, we could use another lawsuit, but with the RIAA this time

    Don't make me pull out the ABBA, oops too late...

    "Money, Money, Money, Kinda Funny, It's a rich mans world..."

    In other news - WHERE'S THE MOVIE, ALAC ?
  12. carlosp

    carlosp Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Dec 28, 2003
    New on AxaMonitor: LOSS OF WAREHOUSE spurs donations, as Axanar must move for the second time in two years, again to an ever-smaller facility. Meanwhile, Jonathan Lane thanks AxaMonitor for driving new donors to the Patreon campaign. New patrons climbed into double digits for the first time since January 23. Read more »

    (Note that this story was first published in this morning's AxaMonitor Daily. This article is an expanded version including breaking developments during the day. Please feel free to sign up for an early look at our news!)
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  13. mirrormatt86

    mirrormatt86 Lieutenant Commander Red Shirt

    Jan 3, 2012
    It does allow you to search for a topic he might've spoken about and see how much of the narrative has changed since December...

    That intro was written from the hear - I'm working on being able to speak like that too.
  14. Sgt_G

    Sgt_G Commodore Commodore

    Jul 5, 2013
    Love this artwork! Did you make it?
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  15. Matthew Raymond

    Matthew Raymond Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Oct 24, 2016
    It's basically one of the Axanar wallpapers. Anyone with Photoshop or GIMP could have made that. (There's a GIMP plug-in called Resynthesizer that allows you to replace a selected part of an image with a synthesized texture generated from the surroundings of the selected region, effectively allowing you to remove objects from the image. Here's a direct link to the plug-in ZIP file because the GIMP plug-in registry seems to be down. It's a recreation of a feature from Photoshop. However, I suspect the creator of this picture simply cloned adjacent parts of the image and painted over the original text, which works well enough, I suppose.)

    And by the way, @carlosp, aren't you concerned that anyone receptive to your arguments who could be turned away from the Axanar side might find such an unauthorized derivative work a tad hypocritical?

    You might get sued. Granted, it will be by U-Haul for trademark infringement and damage to their brand (because AP can't legally copyright the original image to begin with), but you could still get sued.
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  16. motorhead

    motorhead Lieutenant Red Shirt

    Feb 18, 2016
    hi, i have a serious question about that if i may. would the use of the logo be "transformative" or would it be "fair use" since it's kinda a "parody" or anything like that?
    thanks & BR
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  17. motorhead

    motorhead Lieutenant Red Shirt

    Feb 18, 2016
    also... i'm sorry, and i guess it's kinda wrong here... but i'd like your input please, the axacrowd and the axamonitor crowd already condemned Vic and takes this all for granted... but is there a single police report or anything of substance?
  18. urbandefault

    urbandefault Commodore Commodore

    Dec 3, 2013
    Sickbay, dammit.
  19. Sgt_G

    Sgt_G Commodore Commodore

    Jul 5, 2013
    @Matthew Raymond ... I think that might fall under the parody clause of the Fair Use Rule. Giving credit where it is due, the artwork was pretty good.
  20. BeatleJWOL

    BeatleJWOL Commodore Commodore

    Feb 21, 2012
    Winston-Salem, NC
    Years of stories. A definite case of smoke very possibly signaling the existence of fire.
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