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    "Such a lovely day," said Aunt Irene. She and Seven were walking through a carnival.

    "It IS lovely," Seven replied. She wore a long sleeve navy blue shirt, khaki slacks, and sneakers. She wore oversize sunglasses to conceal the base of her Borg eyepiece.

    Seven and Irene came upon a baseball game booth. A little boy threw a baseball at a stack of three stoneware bottles. The baseball bounced harmlessly off the stack of bottles.

    "Sorry, kid," said the Ferengi attendant. "Better luck next time." He then called out to the crowd, "KNOCK OVER THE BOTTLES AND WIN A PRIZE!"

    "I'll try it," said Seven as she placed a credit tube on the counter.

    "Here `ya go," said the Ferengi attendant as he set three baseballs on the counter.

    Seven picked up a baseball with her cybernetic hand. With one quick motion of her cybernetic arm, she heaved the baseball at the tower of bottles, shattering them into shards.

    The broken bases of the bottom two bottles stood stock still on the shelf behind the Ferengi attendant. The attendant stared dumbfounded at Seven's show of strength.

    How … ? the attendant thought.

    "Mommy! You see what that lady DID?" said the little boy excitedly as he pointed at the pile of stoneware shards.

    Seven took off her sunglasses and revealed the base of her Borg eyepiece. She then smiled and asked innocently, "Did I win anything?"

    "YOU BORG BITCH!" the Ferengi attendant screamed at Seven. "Have you any idea how much MONEY you've just cost me? That's five hundred credits worth of bottles right there!"

    "Watch your language," Seven scolded the attendant. "There are children present."

    "What's going on?" said a passing police officer.

    "I knocked over the bottles, officer," Seven said coyly.

    The officer stared at the broken bases of the bottles standing on the shelf. How is this possible? he asked himself.

    "I'm coming back there," said the officer as he lifted up the end of the counter and walked into the booth.

    "This really isn't necessary, officer," said the Ferengi attendant sheepishly.

    "Don't tell ME what's necessary!" the police officer growled at the attendant.

    The officer tugged on the bases of the bottles. The bottles refused to budge from the shelf.

    "These bottles are GLUED on!" the officer shouted at the attendant. He then added, "They're not SUPPOSED to be."

    "I can explain everything, officer," the attendant sputtered.

    "How about giving the lady her prize ... and then giving these people their money back?" said the police officer.

    The Ferengi attendant handed Seven a giant pink toy stuffed rabbit. He then gave Seven and the mother of the child that played before her their credit tubes back.

    "You're closed," the police officer told the Ferengi attendant. He then added, "We're gonna need to take a trip downtown."

    The attendant and the officer left the booth. Seven gave the pink toy stuffed rabbit she'd won to the little boy and said, "Here you go."

    "What do we say?" said the mother of the little boy.

    "Thank you," said the little boy.

    "You're welcome," Seven replied quietly.


    "That was nice of you," said Aunt Irene as she and Seven continued walking through the carnival.

    "It was icing on the cake," said Seven as she put her sunglasses back on. "I wasn't in it for the prize."

    "Why DID you do it then?"

    "I wanted to see the expression on that Ferengi's face," said Seven with a smile. She then added, "It was worth EVERY minute of it."