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  1. Crazyewok

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    May 19, 2013
    Ok I have some experience modding and basic programming skills with C languages.
    I have always want to build a game so going for it.

    Genre: RTS grand stratergy.
    Setting: colonisation of north central and south America 1500 to 1900.

    Game it will be similar to will be Civ 4 colonisation and the Anno games.
    Will likely use unity game engine.

    Things in my father is I am not doing it alone i have my fiancee and a relative. The relative a extremely experienced programmer working with me. The problem is talking him out of making his own game engine!

    My weakness is will be graphical and sound. My fiancee is a artist but has little experience in digital art and graphics but she is learning . I am thinking on using isometric units and buildings. I dont expect or aim for high quality graphics but it needs to be passable.

    So any tips?
  2. Gingerbread Demon

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    May 31, 2015
    With Aloy in the Frozen Wilds

    What might be a good idea is to start small and make a small game just for yourself that way you can tweak it and add to it and get a feel for what you are doing.
  3. Crazyewok

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    May 19, 2013
    I am the sort of person who loves to jump in at the deep end. In some ways I have been doing it small scale for decades with mods and have done mapping and level creation since age 7.

    The more difficult programming side is covered by my father. I really am lucky with him as it is not a exaggeration on his skills, normally he comes with a £200,000 price tag! Now he is retired though he wants to do something creative.

    It really is the art side that's going to be a pain in the arse and slow things down.