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    We're lucky the great barrier doesn't distort the image.
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    Doesn't quite look like the Discovery pod like the earlier image of another galaxy core.

    Asteroid documentary

    The Sun

    This may be of interest. I once guessed whether we were an interface of two universes touching....well...

    They realized that experiments on the electrical properties of stacked sheets of graphene produced results that looked like little universes and that the underlying phenomenon might generalize to other areas of physics. In stacks of graphene, new electrical behaviors arise from interactions between the individual sheets, so maybe unique physics could similarly emerge from interacting layers elsewhere—perhaps in cosmological theories about the entire universe.

    "We think this is an exciting and ambitious idea," says Galitski, who is also a Chesapeake Chair Professor of Theoretical Physics in the Department of Physics. "In a sense, it's almost suspicious that it works so well by naturally 'predicting' fundamental features of our universe such as inflation and the Higgs particle as we described in a follow up preprint."

    Solar Foci scope

    Nice images here
    A trio of astrophysicists, two from Princeton, the other from New York University, has calculated estimations on how soon the universe could collapse if theories regarding dark energy as having quintessence are could be as soon as 100 million years from now.

    The Howling Void

    A black hole kick

    Black hole visualizations

    Upcoming missions
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