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    "The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few."

    We don't know the situation of the universe entirely, but Utopia Plantia was destroyed and an entire fleet with it, specifically designed for purposes of saving the Romulans. Why is it hard to believe that Starfleet don't have the resources to put into reconstruction of their main shipyards ON TOP OF building a fleet that was already difficult to build? Nor the political will or capital.

    We've seen throughout series that the Federation and Starfleet is full of "bad guys" who think they're doing good, you don't think in the Federation council there are 10 Norah Satie's screaming about the Romulans being their historic enemy? I think if it wasn't for the Enterprise crew in Star Trek 6, they may not have helped the Klingons either.

    Think of the premise of Picard as a version of events where those bad guys got their way for once, there was no Picard or hero ship to come along and save the day.
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    To be honest, I believe Texas has a few times over the past decade. :rommie:
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    And I laugh when I hear about it because I know that anybody who'd try to make that reality would be facing down federal troops and regret it. :rofl:
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    You're being hyperbolic for the sake of making a point. We're talking about a critical mass of people with such blood lust and hatred that 14 states could potentially strong arm their governments with threats of secession.
    What do you make of the fact that Picard was actually asked to defend his decision to save Romulans on Federation news? What about all the rhetoric about Romulans being "the Federations oldest enemies"?
    14 worlds threatening secession makes it seem more like a shift in public sentiment than the case of a few bad apples somehow controlling the entire government, which itself would need some explaining.
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    Let's see...Syrian refugee crisis happened in 2015, which, as you might know was a huge humanitarian crisis. Since approximatly that time:

    -Brexit happened
    -Governments in the Visegrád states publicly speaking about leaving the EU under certain circumstances became a thing
    - Nationalistic right-wing parties advocating withdrawal from the EU have gained prominence in several member states of the EU like the Party for Freedom (Netherlands), Freedom Party* (Austria), Golden Dawn (Greece), Alternative for Germany (Germany) or Finns Party (Finland)
    -Many member states to this day refuse to help in the crisis, refuse to take any refugees or simply put them in camps

    So yeah, it is not an unrealistic scenario

    *well they were prominent since the mid 80s, but gained a boost in popularity and became part of the government for 1 1/2 years since the refugee crisis
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    Syria wasn't about to be vaporized by an exploding star, it wasn't the sole cause of most of those political movements, and some of them don't even have popular support. And in the context of the situation in the Star Trek universe it's entirely unrealistic for the Federation to behave this way.
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    Hello, new member here. Just wanted to offer some input.

    Well, we have to ask: what the source of anti-Romulan sentiment within the Federation? Yes, the Romulans are secretive, and deceptive, and xenophobic to outsiders, and are always in conflict with the Federation. But the Klingons have also been known to be in conflict with the Federation, and have managed to sign peace accords and remain allies for decades.

    Think about it: by the time of ST: Picard, there’s been animosity between the two powers for nearly 250 years!

    ENT era: First contact with Romulans in 2152. There was secret Romulan influence of the Vulcan government & their antagonistic relationship of Earth at the time, due to a desire for reunification. The future founders of the Federation unite against a Romulan drone ship and the Romulan attempt to pit them against one another. And a screen cap from In A Mirror Darkly, part 2 from the USS Defiant clearly shows that the Romulan War evolved from Earth forces to a Earth/Vulcan/Andorian/Tellarite alliance.

    It is suggested in DS9 that the Romulans reached Earth during the Romulan War, resulting in a devastating attack unmatched until the Dominion do the same. And ST: Beyond suggests that, aside from MACO ships like the Franklin being employed to face the Romulans, the Romulan War was as significant as the Xindi crisis (which was supposed to be the 9/11 of that era). And from what is known about the Xindi crisis, it had an impact on Archer and his crew both emotionally and morally while they searched for the Xindi weapon, and had an impact on Earth with Terra Prime.

    Non-canon sources have suggested that the Romulans attacked, hijacked and killed the crew of Earth cargo ships a decade before the launch of the NX-01 under the guise of space piracy, which led to those cargo ships requiring military escorts; attacked Earth’s first starbase under the guise of space piracy, although they were considered the culprits afterwards; the kamikaze attack by a Romulan Bird of Prey on Coridan that killed billions to prevent them from reaching warp 7 and joining the Coalition of Planets according to The Good That Men Do; and a possible attack on a neutral Denobula during the war that killed millions. Although these events have never been made officially canon, they are plausible events to explain why Federation and the Romulans have always been at odds with each other.

    TOS era: The first encounter in over a century & first ever official face to face viewing. The history of Romulan War is briefly explained (which is supposed to have involved "primitive atomic weapons") & lingering prejudice because of the war on the Federation side still exist. For about a century, Romulans are considered warlike, cruel & treacherous by the Federation. A Romulan Bird-of-Prey was still carrying nuclear weapons and they choose to self destruct over accepting help from Kirk after their ship is damaged in battle, as it is “the Romulan way.” Later on, the Romulans are briefly allied with the Klingons, and the USS Enterprise is briefly captured by the Romulans.

    TNG era: Relations between the two are still frosty, with the Tomed Incident resulting in the Treaty of Algeron; USS Enterprise-C being destroyed by Romulans; the Romulans still considering their loss at the Battle of Cheron humiliating (according to The Defector); being revealed to be a Romulan within the Federation was enough to end careers (as seen in The Drumhead); and there was an attempted reunification with the Vulcans. However, the Federation and the Romulans were capable of working together in various situations (including, but not limited to, the Dominion War), they worked together to defeat Shinzon’s forces, and were supposed to have been working on a joint task force by the end of Nemesis. The relationship between the Federation and the Romulans was thawing, especially post-Dominion War. Its also noted by Data himself that the Romulans rarely attack first with their long history of war. They're mostly defensive.

    So, either something happened after the joint task force was formed, or there are still deep-seated resentment from the Romulan War from the 14 member worlds that threatened to leave the Federation. And it is similar to how Japan will acknowledge but not apologize for war crimes involving China and Korea during WW2, and will just focus on memorials for their war dead. Likewise, the Romulans aren’t sorry for their actions before, during, and after the Romulan War, however certain member worlds have grown quite fed up with the lack of apology to the point that they would rather leave the Federation than continue to work with the Romulans.
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