After watching STIII:TSFS, Ent Vulcans make sense.

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Enterprise' started by Timofnine, Apr 9, 2003.

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    Well, what it showed was one Vulcan government official working with one Romulan operative, and doing things that only his long record of service to the Vulcan people could have allowed him to get away with.

    There isn't any indication that the entire Vulcan population was under Romulan influence at the time. I tend to think the cultural issues were already there, and the Romulans became aware of them and merely took advantage, for their own purposes.

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    Re: After watching STIII:TSFS, Ent Vulcans make se

    I think this is the crux of the matter.Add to it many people at this board anyway liked T'Pol best when she acted like a petulant teenager so it is a catch-22 situation.I always thought Spock was probably more rigid because being half human he had to strive to be more Vulcan than other Vulcans.I was surprised when I came to this board and found the outrage---there some acting choices by guest stars that I didn't care for but overall...Does anyone think we behave as our forefathers did 100 years ago? Even taking into account longer life spans of Vulcans change is likely IMO.
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    Well, that government official was also the head of the government. So I think it's reasonable he allowed Romulan control to branch out. In fact, he did have Romulan troops go through the desert in search of Syranites.
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    Re: After watching STIII:TSFS, Ent Vulcans make se

    Nice! I agree with 90% of your post. Spock and Sarek are the epitome of what it means to be Vulcan. Soval's acting in the VCW reached this level of perfection.

    The snottier the Vulcan -- thinking his ways are the best -- the better.

    I don't think season 1, 2 or some of 3 T'Pol is too emotional. I think the actress decided to show us more emotion because of the trellium. Her stamping her foot and raising her voice in Home was really the epitome of what a Vulcan shouldn't be. Although the VCW seems to have grounded her again.

    And, I agree with Angie. People, for some reason, like very emotional T'Pol which is very confusing to me. The idea of having a Vulcan is so that we get to see them struggle with their emotions and use logic.
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    You're right on, Timofnine , the ENT Vulcans are played the way they should be.

    I recently re-watched a bunch of TOS episodes & noticed a big difference in TV-Spock and movie-Spock. I always liked "movie-Spock" more than "TV-Spock."

    I think that ENT Vulcans are one of the things that made me love this series more than the others. B&B might have srewed up a lot in other areas, but they did Vulcans right on ENT.
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    Re: After watching STIII:TSFS, Ent Vulcans make se

    Considering how a vast majority of people thought previous ulcans were boring, its been interesting to see them broken down in Enterprise and rebuild up again. Its given me a new appreciation of their struggle and culture.
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    I am a hardcore DS9 fan, and I hate this episode because I don't believe that Vulcans would act this way. This episode is my least favorite of all of DS9!