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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Christian, Oct 8, 2001.

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    You may repeat it a third and a fourth time if you wish, but that is exactly the effect this policy will produce. If the rank system is deemed to be so precious that it cannot and will not be removed all together then that very fact signifies its net worth. So, if it is a worthy thing to have then you are penalizing those people that only post in those fora.

    Okay, one more time. You cannot have it both ways. Either the concept is valued (and therefore denying access to it is a penalty) or it is of no value and therefore can be dropped. Like I and several others have said, either keep it or drop it, but don't stuff around with it.
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    Mar 14, 2000
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    Sounds like we're making some slight progress.

    I do agree with Jeriko way back there at the beginning. Essentially ignoring multiple usernames won't solve anything. I also fail to see how censoring who gets to post where and who gets to start threads helps anyone. If someone has something intlligent to say, why should they have to muck around building the required number of posts before they can say it?

    The rest of the stuff makes good sense. This board is basically pretty civil, but it has been degenerating for quite a while now. There are forums I don't bother to post in any more because one has to either go with the herd or face personal abuse for daring to express contrary views. This place shouldn't be completely sanitised, but nor should abuse replace debate. There are forums where abuse is the norm and debate is almost non-existent - and TNZ is not one of them.


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    As for the rank issue: I think they are fun. Heck, I worked hard to be 'Captain'! [​IMG] The ranks make it fun for me. I don't spam, troll, or anything. I just keep posting when I have something to say.

    If the ranks are causing so much confusion, why not just call everyone 'Member'. That way, we are all the same and have no reason to spam.

    I'll go with the flow. Whatever TPTB decide about ranks, I'll be happy and just keep posting like I have been. [​IMG]

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    I am definitely not in favour of making posts in Misc, TNZ and the lounges not "count". I agree with LizFL and others, it does marginalize posters (admittedly, like myself) who prefer to post in those fora.

    Personally, I'd rather see rank and post count removed entirely. And to be honest, I really don't like that all that much either.

    I've always seen Misc and the Lounges as social places, and one of the advantages of the Lounges (At least, the higher ranked ones) is that they have a more intimate environment than Misc.

    I initially started posting here because of Trek. But now I primarily post here to talk to the people that I have met here. That is why I spend more time in Misc, TNZ and the lounges.

    And now I do feel that I'm being punished for wanting to do that.

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    i simply think that having posts not count in TNZ when you are going to have a mod in there is overkill.

    it serves no better purpose, merely is an additional barrier which is moderation occurs is not needed in my opinion.

    but if it is inevitable, then i would suggest making a few posts here and there in the trek forums, not spam mind you, just check them out, say a few words relevant and on topic, to keep your post count from completely going kabluey and hey you might enjoy the other forums...although listen if most of your friends in the lounges are similiar posters ou wont NEEd to post in other forums just to stay in the same lounge as them.
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    Mar 16, 2001
    This is the third time I ask. Still no reply.

    Would anyone care to please respond?

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    Jul 23, 2001
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    We should have a negative forum, where you could post on any topic you likc and each post would count as -1 post, then people who wasnted to go down in rank could do so without asking the mods for it.

    Those who think rank is immiterial could certianly post there at will, and anyone that wanted to stay the same rank for eer could balance out their count in there too.
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    I've always seen Misc and the Lounges as social places, and one of the advantages of the Lounges (At least, the higher ranked ones) is that they have a more intimate environment than Misc.

    I agree.
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    Yes to posts within the same thread. No to posts in different threads. Remember that some people in less enlightened parts of the world must pay per minute for their internet access, so some of us must "read and reply" to many threads at the same time.

    PLEASE By all means prevent "angry replies" to a single thread, but do not prevent multiple replies across your BBS on different subjects unless there's a real reason to suspect foul play.

    But of course this does not necessary apply to new threads. I've come across some new threads of interest by <100 but the best threads are started by poeple who know the board well. So a <100 ban on new threads (which whould exclude myself BTW) is just about ok.
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    I totally agree that the distribution of post counts across the board shouldn't be unbalanced and the idea that it should be unbalanced because a certain forum is not "trek related" I find ludicrous. To me the main thing about Trek is the atmosphere, the interacting with other trekkies/trekkers and not simply the discussion of trek... the following that trek gets is one of it's unique features and should not be underated just because you don't see Trekkies walking around the sets and appearing on TV so that we ourselves can actually be canon.

    And as for the posting Trek 24 hours, I totally agree with that too. I personally don't hang out in any of the main bridge forums, I'd rather hang out in the other forums such as Misc., TNZ and SF&F and ( a couple of others ) because I enjoy posting in there. Is it a crime to enjoy posting in other forums and not posting in the Main Bridge? If not don't treat those who post in the Main Bridge any differently than you treat me... I would rather see the post count abolished in all forums and I would rather not have that either...

    Now I don't know much about UBB, but perhaps it would be possible to have some different sort of ranking system which wouldn't reward spammers over the rest of the posters? Not one that just rewards people for the amount of time that they have been a board member either... as I see it there should be a combined system of time and number of posts...

    How about something like this "Active Days" system that I just sketched up -

    Active Days- The poster starts off with zero posts in their active day post count and when they accumulate three posts in this count ( over any amount of time ) and if the day they reach the three count is not marked as an active day then the post count is emptied and that day is flagged as an active day

    here's some rough pseudocode... rough since I haven't actually done any programming for about a year... you'll have to exscuse that...

    If ( PosterPosts && ActivePostCount < 3 ) {

    If ( ActivePostCount == 3 && Today != ActiveDay ) {
    ActivePostCount = 0;
    Today = ActiveDay;


    Is a system like this some sort of idea?



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    Maybe you could reconsider your resignation?

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    Let me add my own 2 slips of Gold pressed latinum...

    1.) This absolutely sucks! {b]DEA[/b] Please re-consider.

    2.) OK.

    3.) About time, but what is considered "Minimal Moderation"?

    4.) Fine! How about an "Online Reporting Form"?

    5.) Agreed!

    6.) OK. Uniformatity can be good. [​IMG]

    7.0 OK.

    --Tech Stuff--

    1.) Make the X = 500

    2.) OK. In fact see Number 1.

    3.) Bad idea. for the lounges, that is why you have an extra Moderator now to cut down on the spam. Don't do this, or at least consider the post equaling 1/2 a point instead on 1 point/ same thing with TNZ: bad idea. It's not fair to punish everyone for the actions of a handful of people. Please reconsider.
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    I disagree with many of the things being discussed. First, X should equal 0 in TNZ. TNZ is a broad discussion forum where just about any one should be able to post regardless of number of previous postings.

    Second, to eliminate the ability to add to posting tallies within the Lounges (and, as proposed, just about any other "non-Star Trek" discussion zone), is manifestly unfair to new members. It probably also signifies a death knell to those areas. Believe it or not, a lot of us are able to build informal bonds in those areas. 10-Forward is already enough of a sham with its strict lines of segregation. Now, you're basically killing any opportunity for those on The Lower Decks to want to be part of anything more sociable.

    I've said this numerous times in the Questions Forum, as well as on The Lower Decks: substantive changes are required. Instead of actually trying to be a consensus builder, you're choosing a route which will only alienate further those on the fringes of the BBS. Let's change things for the better. Here's how:

    (1) Open up TNZ to everyone, regardless of rank.
    (2) Eliminate 10-Forward with its barriers. Reassign the 10-Forward name to a generalized discussion forum -- Miscellaneous.
    (3) Don't preempt people from adding to totals. There are more than enough senior officers who have benefited from excessive posting padding. Why should those who follow have to suffer at the hands of those who benefited?
    (4) Consider elimination of rank by postings, and reassign rank by BBS membership length.

    Long Live The Lower Decks Revolution!!!!
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    Mar 16, 2001
    This is the fourth time I'm asking the same question. Actually, I'd appreciate a reply.


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    Your question is answered here.

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