A Matter of Perspective: The Affair

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    Okay, so obviously Riker wasn't guilty of murder. But the question of whether or not he tried to rape the Doctor's wife or she tried to seduce him was never answered. Troi said that both of them were telling the truth, but the big reveal at the end regarding the destruction of the station never shed any light on the former question. So, did I miss something, or did the episode never answer this???
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    It was never answered. It was left to our interpretation. This was one of my favorite episodes. Even better if you're a fan of Rashomon.

    I get the impression they were each attracted to the other, and both took it too far, and are in denial. The wife moreso than Riker, because in her version, Riker is way out of character to be believable.

    I don't know if it was a scriptwriting accident or intentional, but Riker makes a Rapunzel reference in the wife's version of events. An alien like her probably would have never heard of Rapunzel, meaning that she wasn't making that up, or it was a mistake.

    In Riker's version of the intro where the wife is coming on really strong, LaForge was there. Did he notice? Was that a combined testimony, or just Riker's perspective alone?
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    They where both telling the truth from their perspective, hence the title of the episode. People can witness the same events and yet recall them differently, doesn't mean one or more of them are lying about what they witnessed.
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    Each of the versions was colored by each character's viewpoint. The husband's more inclined to see what he fears, the wife wants to be innocent and interprets events that Riker was making the moves, Riker wants to be innocent so he interprets events that she was making the moves.

    It was a good mystery episode. I also liked the "fight" scenes between Riker and the husband. No one wants to remember losing a fight. ;)

    I'd be more inclined to believe the husband's version of the kiss and Riker's version of the fight just based on character history.
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    Will Riker, he will steal your wife and blow up your state stations. Look up your daughter, lock up yiur wife. The man is back in space!!!