50th Is "The Day Of The Doctor" (And Is 75 Minutes)

Discussion in 'Doctor Who' started by StCoop, Sep 10, 2013.

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    Not sure if this should/could be classified as spoilers or just Finnish Broadcasting Company(YLE) getting stuff completely mixed up.. But I just read news on YLE's website about Who's 50th anniversary. They are showing The Day of the Doctor with other countries on Saturday.

    Any way in their description of episode they are claiming that Matt Smith will be seen on the episode with future Doctor Peter Capaldi! Later in the article they list that in the episode we will see aforementioned Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors and also Tenth (Tennant) and still unknown Doctor (Hurt).

    So they are not mixing Tennant and Capaldi.. And they credit both Tennant & Smith in picture.

    Here's the news article.. http://yle.fi/uutiset/doctor_who_juhlii_syntymapaivaa_myos_suomessa/6948588

    Maybe you can run it through Google translate or something..

    And I must stress that this is probably first Who-related news I've ever read on YLE's website, so this probably is just mixed information.. Atleast I havent seen this even rumored anywhere.

    Edit: and they edited the article.. Simple error or notice from BBC?
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    To be honest, I'm thinking the latter.

    It's quite possible that Moffat had additional scenes for "The Day of the Doctor" filmed months later during the filming block for the Christmas special. The ending of "The Name of the Doctor" wasn't filmed until the filming of "The Day of the Doctor," several months after the bulk of the episode of filmed. I've expected some sort of appearance by Capaldi in the anniversary special all along. When given the opportunity to be timey-wimey, Moffat takes the opportunity.
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    Does it suggest then
    that we'll see Capaldi's look?
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    Here's the original article (in finnish) just in case someone wants to translate and compare differences..

    I'm starting to think that someone must have messed up at Yle and posted too much info.. There is just too specific info in the original article. No typo's or anything.

    The article cleary mentioned Tennant and Smith in picture caption. Then a mention of Doctor (Matt Smith) having adventure side by side with future Doctor (Peter Capaldi). And in last sentence they list all four Doctors.

    Strange thing is that it gives more importance to Smith having adventure side by side with Capaldi. And Tennant is left almost to a side mention, even though he is featured in the picture.

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    Depends. The camera could simply be focused on that guy's face and not show anything below the his chin.
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    Have we talked about, around :45 in the second trailer, why there seem to be
    two Kate Stewarts
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    Leaving soon for the theatrical screening. Getting excited!
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    Me too, heading out in 5 minutes.
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    It certainly looks like it, doesn't it? Perhaps one of them is the Teselecta?
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    Crossing my fingers and hoping my ancient satellite dish doesn't crap out on me on this cloudy day...