5 reasons Into Darkness is a great Trek film

Discussion in 'Star Trek Movies: Kelvin Universe' started by King Daniel Beyond, Sep 4, 2013.

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    King Daniel Beyond
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    What culture is a kind of like a silly site. they do all these ranks bashing and praising the same films. I cant even take them seriously anymore. look at their other ranks bashing STiD



    Into darkness is ranked the 6th most disappointing film of the summer.

    Lastly this article on why STiD is a flop

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    WhatCulture is a bunch of different people posting different opinions about stuff they think is interesting cool (I should know, I've posted there before). The contradictory attitudes make sense once you realize there's no real editorial agendas.
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    To be fair, it's an op-ed piece. The dude liked STiD, and gave some points as to why.

    Me? I didn't like how the film handled the villains. Khan was underutilized as Kirk's foil, and Marcus was understated as a bad guy. By the time we realize just how much of an a-hole Marcus is, his head's getting squashed.

    But the author's got some nice points. That opening sequence is beautiful, as were all the VFX. The character arc of Kirk and Spock over the two films has been the best of all.

    I'll add that I like the development of the alt-universe also.
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    I'm sure they have a "5 reasons Prometheus is a great Alien film" too. I just can't bear to find out. I could try to make my own list:

    1. The visuals.
    2. Uhhh, I'll get back to you....
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    This Classic Trek fan also considers their opinions bullshit. If it was actually their opinions, the author of the poll had something of an ax to grind with Abrams and Company.
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    Yup. This classic Trek fan thoroughly enjoyed both the new films. They were both well done. Just not happy about the Blu-ray marketing.
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    If the poll was actually fair, instead of 100 hard-core angry uber-fans at a Trek convention done by an equally angry uber-fan, then I wouldn't say it's bullshit either.

    But it's not fair, or accurate, and simply is bullshit.
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    (emphasis mine)

    As has been pointed out before, many of the people here (including Daniel, iinm) are fans of classic Trek, and it's the disproportionate amount of attention received by the dubious poll in question to which he refers, not to the opinions of any particular fans. (The phrase beginning with "bullshit" and ending with "goers" may be collectively considered an adjective describing the poll.)

    Please don't misrepresent what he said in an attempt to provoke, 'K?
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    First I heard of the poll.. and anyone involved in that mockery should be ashamed of themselves if just for having Galaxy Quest even be part of the stupid thing. There is a difference of opinion then there is just abject trolling stupidity... guess which one that Vegas poll is.

    As for STID... it is a good film: the underlying message offered, the character interactions, the effects, and tying together the old crew into the original mission... yeah, can't really see where it went wrong And this is coming from someone that still thinks the 09 film is a good film but a terrible Star Trek film.
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    Yes, Galaxy Quest is one of the better Star Trek movies.

    Also, Master and Commander: The Far Side of The World.
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    I think MASH is one of the better Star Trek movies.
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    Just looking at the Rotten Tomatoes rating...STID finished 7th with an 87%. However, it terms of wide release movies, it finished 1st. There's something to be said in this day and age of a blockbuster action movie that can actually tick all the boxes of a good film and be noticed, when almost everyone out there wants to create a backlash against success...STID withstood all this to be a great film AND a great success.

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    Maid in Manhattan is and always will be the best Prime Universe Star Trek movie.
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    I can tell that "poll" was BS, because they left out Gigli.
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    There's been plenty positive written about it, before and after.
    I personally found the action and villains underwhelming and the resonance minimal.

    Strongly agree on the first but thought Marcus was (though underdeveloped) too much of a "moustache-twirler."

    Have to disagree, it seem to me that many if not most financially successful films these days also get good reviews.
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    I always thought Khan from the Wrath of Khan was a bit of a"moustache-twirler." An over the top one dimensional bad guy. That really isn't a criticism just more of an observation. Hollywood has many examples of clear-cut, black and white good guys vs, bad guys and in TWOK Khan was a simple bad guy.

    I don't mind one dimensional characters as long as they are acted well and I think Weller did a good job with Marcus.
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    Don't forget the original Trek movie, Horatio Hornblower. Gregory Peck is still the best Trek captain, ever.
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    Leslie Nielsen gets Trek captain props for 'Forbidden Planet'