2009 Golf Majors: The Year of the Failed Feel-Good Stories

Discussion in 'Sports and Fitness' started by Rob Hal, Jul 19, 2009.

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    Aug 5, 1999
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    The PGA majors have really all been heartbreaking to watch this year. Sentimental favorites hanging in there right till the end, then losing it right when it seems to be in their grasp. Such disappointments. Now, let me preface this by saying that the three guys who've won the majors this year are great guys who certainly deserved to win... especially Stewart Cink. However, their victories were certainly overshadowed by the tale that could have been...

    First, we had Kenny Perry at the Masters. At 48 years old, it seemed like he was finally going to get his first major championship. The tournament was his to lose going into the last two holes, and he bogied both of them. Next, the US Open. Two possibilities here... Phil Mickelson winning his first US Open after finishing second four times and for his cancer-stricken wife, or the former number one, now ranked 800 and something, David Duval, making a surprising run years after everyone thought his career was finished. And someone floated the idea of a Mickelson-Duval playoff....

    Finally, today at Turnberry for The Open Championship. 59 year-old Tom Watson with a one stroke lead with 71 holes played. A great tee shot, and a nice-looking second shot that just bounced over the green... but he couldn't make the ten-foot putt for the championship. What a heartbreak.

    Still, it has been incredible watching Watson over the past few days. What an amazing tournament.

    I think I'm only going to watch the PGA Championship if there are no sentimental favorites anywhere near the lead after the first two days...
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    I was rooting for Watson. Hard to believe he missed that putt by as much as he did- kind of looked like his nerves finally got the better of him. Still an impressive showing, though.
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    Golf is a game that is almost intentionally designed to break hearts. If it were easy for a Watson or a Perry to break through, we'd see it more often. Which is why miracle finishes, as rare as they are, are so rewarding when we do see them.