TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Discussion in 'The Next Generation' started by Gold Grizzly, Oct 31, 2005.

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    Jul 5, 2011
    Count me in :)
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    Sep 9, 2015
    Hi! If anyone ever checks this I'm Bob, and I only recently started looking at this site. I definitely feel that TNG is the best of the spin offs. Patrick Stewart is a phenomenal actor so he's great to watch. Some of favourite characters though are Data, Riker and Dr. Crusher. I always felt Wil Wheaton took too much heat from fans. They seemed to hate the fact that Wesley, a kid, helped save the day several times even though it was made clear that he was a child prodigy with a genius level IQ. The one I really miss is Tasha Yar. She was gorgeous. Worf I liked in combat episodes or when he's struggling to recover his family's honour. However, outside of those shows they didn't seem to know what to do with him, so he became the comic relief character. Although he was great at it! Especially in Qpid, Fistful of Datas and Cost of Living.

    Among my the episodes I love the most, Parallels, Yesterday's Enterprise, Conundrum, Realm of Fear and Redemption part I and II stand out. As well as The Hunted and Gambit parts I and II.
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    No one "checks this" in any formal way but a lot of forum regulars including your faithful Moderator like to read who's joining the party. Welcome aboard, the beer today is on your tab.
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    When I visit this forum, I check out this thread, when there are new replys.
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    Riker is my favorite by far. I've tried many times to grow that kind of beard but it comes in patchy.
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    I've started watching TNG relatively recently, and I love it. My favorite character is definitely Data. I really like watching him grow and change. Another thing I like about Data is that he puts humanity in perspective when he attempts to understand it.

    I also don't mind Wesley Crusher. I have never found him to be too annoying.

    I also like Worf and how Klingons are portrayed in TNG. The episode "A Matter of Honor" is pretty cool to me in that it displays Klingon culture in a presentable way, rather than simply barbaric.

    I am on season 4 at the moment, and really enjoying it.
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    The name is Steven, I'm an aspiring Chef living in Los Angeles. Love TNG and watched every episode probably two or three times. I'm 25 so maybe I'm a little out of my element age-wise since I don't see too many other trekkies my age but oh well. DS9 is good (after S2 IMO) and VOY could have been wrapped up a lot sooner.