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    You, sir, are a disturbed individual in extreme denial.
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    All episodes where Odo is especially cranky are due to the lint he accidentally engulfed while regenerating.
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    In my headcanon, Star Trek is supposed to be a reflection of our future. So, future events like the Eugenics Wars and WW3 have to be rolled forward as we ourselves move forward in time. Sort of like how continuity rolls forward in Marvel Comics or in The Simpsons (kind like how Homer was a hippy in his youth, but now has been retconned essentially into a Gen-Xer).

    The way I see it now, the Eugenics Wars might have been the catalyst for WWIII, and could have happened somewhere in the 2040s or 50s. Retcons are inevitable and HAVE to happen as needed. It's absurd that Memory Alpha says the Soviet Union still exists in the 23rd and 24th centuries.

    Some miscellaneous little things:

    • The "supernova" that somehow wiped out the advanced spacefaring T'kon race's homeworld is of the same variety that destroyed Romulus.
    • Miri's Planet was re-shaped by the Preservers as a place to plop down humanity if they needed to be uhh... preserved. Might there also be duplicates of other homeworlds such as Bajor, Vulcan, Cardassia, Qo'nos, etc.? Boggles the mind.
    • The Borg are very very old, and have expanded and contracted as the eons have gone on. Seven once mentioned that their memory going back to the 15th century is fragmented. My thinking is that the Borg hive mind is limited in its expansion capabilities, and eventually reaches a critical mass, from which the Borg have to almost totally rebuild. And of course, since they're constantly bleeding off ancient memories and other data, it's nigh impossible to tell how old they are.
    • And no, they have nothing to do with V'ger.
    • Deflector shields, warp 7 engines, transporters, etc. took Vulcans 2500 years to perfect. Humanity only caught up because we were able to mooch off of them.
    • Phase pistols and cannons are a type of laser. Phasers are what happens when you apply the phase cannon tech to a particle beam. People took to calling the things lasers cause it was catchier and got the point across better.
    • Starfleet DID know about the Borg between 2152 and 2365, they just kept it Top Secret. This of course didn't do any favors for the Hansens, the Neutral Zone outposts, or the crew of the Enterprise-D.
    • Romulans were once more like the way they were in TOS - noble, honorable. But those ways failed them during the Earth-Romulan Wars - the Romulan Star Empire was brought low by a bunch of upstarts, and a political revolution brought in crueler, more pragmatic leadership. Over the next couple of centuries, the state of the Romulan economy and government continued to decline, taking much of their culture along for the ride.
    • Speaking of, Rrrrromulans don't have ridges.
    • Andorians have 4 sexes. No, I don't know how this works.
    • The delta shield has always been the insignia of Starfleet.
    • MACOs are still around in the 23rd and 24th centuries, operated independently of Starfleet by Earth.
    • Worf and Wesley never returned to Starfleet after they left.
    • Scotty's Transwarp Beaming theory is based off of Emory Erickson's sub-quantum teleporter.
    • There are seatbelts.
    • Starfleet has actual military competence. This extends to training, equipment, and tactics.
    • Any irreconcilable continuity errors are side effects of the Temporal Cold War.
    • At some point prior to 2381, an unseen time travel incursion splits the Prime Verse into the Pocket Books and STO continuities.
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    There are lots and lots of little things:
    • The salt creature from M-113 eats sugar, not salt.
    • The Enterprise is actually called the Star Trek.
    • The Borg really are Swedish. We don't like to talk about it.
    • Chief O'Brien has a second job as an exotic dancer.
    • There's no such thing as a universal translator. They just pretend they understand whatever those crazy aliens are saying.
    • There's no such thing as a holodeck either. They just imagine things because they're really bored and depressed.
    • Actually, Doctor McCoy is a bricklayer.
    • Romulans are just Vulcans who were exiled because other Vulcans thought they were really boring.
    • Riker can't get enough of eggplants. Sexually.
    • The Enterprise D looks like a hotel because it is a hotel.
    • Tuvok used to serve on the USS Macarena. He still knows the steps.
    • Balok was just a delusional little kid.
    • Crusher is not a family name, it's a nickname.
    • Ketracel White is Tribble blood.
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    The Prequel Trilogy never happened, obviously.

    ... Oh, we're talking Trek?

    Uh... maybe Star Wars was never made at all in the Trekverse. And certainly not the PT. :p

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    King Daniel Beyond
    Even though I'm not a Star Wars fan, I love their approach to continuity and when looking at the big picture, apply it to the Star Trek mythology - the episodes, movies, novels etc:

    The analogy is that every piece of published Star Wars fiction is a window into the 'real' Star Wars universe. Some windows are a bit foggier than others. Some are decidedly abstract. But each contains a nugget of truth to them.

    That said, I enjoy everything on its own merits. When I read a ancient novel where Sulu is from Alpha Mensa III, I don't see it as wrong, just an earlier extrapolation from the then-smaller Trek canon. In the context of that story, he is from that world and not San Francisco.

    In other words, I'm pretty laid back about it. Or I like to think I am, at least.
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    For my universe:

    Andorians have 4 sexes, as it makes them a far more interesting and diverse race who are slowly becoming extinct due to the complexity of their method of breeding.

    Humans are a minority in Starfleet. The ship's we've seen with lots of human-looking crewmembers are the exception (even then, most of those crewmen will be of alien origin--unless specifically stated they are human).

    Saavik was half Romulan, but she wasn't impregnanted by Spock, nor did she later marry him.

    Despite the fact the Border Service kicks butt, they are still regarded as the red-headed stepchild of the regular Fleet.

    Number One, from "The Cage", was of alien origin (exactly where is a mystery). She is of no relation to Robin Lefler.

    The Romulans are the Romulans, not whatever non-canon name was created for them.

    The Kzinti and the Tzenkethi are not the same species, nor are they related.

    All events from Nu-Trek (even those involving 'Prime' Spock) occur across two alternate universe; the first being one where Romulus is destroyed and the second created by Nero going back in time. This means in the Real-Prime Universe Romulus remains intact.

    In "Broken Bow", they didn't travel to Qo'noS, but an outlying Klingon outpost (approximately 80 hours at less than warp 5 from the Klingon Homeworld to Earth and they didn't invade?).

    Troi attended a Starfleet Academy complex attached to the University of Betazed, which specialised in counselling and social sciences.

    The Kes seen in "Fury" wasn't the real Kes, but rather a personification of all her negative emotions (hence the fact she was so old).

    Lieutenant Arex's species are the Edosians.

    V'ger has nothing to do with the Borg.

    The El-Aurian homeworld was called Gallifrey :techman:
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    - there is more than one "mirror universe" contimuum. Therefore all the latter depictions of the MU are equally valid (DSN, ENT, novels, etc). After all TNG told us that there at least 185-thousand distinct realities (can't remember the exact number off-hand, but it was a lot!).

    - Arex was an Edoan. NOT a triexian or whatever Peter David called him.

    - Despite protestations from various fronts, Starfleet is a military organization.

    - Only one ship ever got a letter suffix added to it's hull number and that was Enterprise.

    - the "arrowhead" was always the overall insignia for Starfleet. the other insignia seen in TMP we not emblems for specific ships, but for sub-sommands of the fleet. Enterprise folks wore the arrowhead because they were working directly for Fleet command.

    - If I had been in charge of the movies, Spock would still be dead. All STIII and STIV do is erase STII. Spock's dead? Nope, just kidding. Kirk has a son? Sorry, we'll take care of that. Enterprise destroyed? Nah, look over there - we got a new one! Feh. If you're gonna tell the big stories, have the balls to deal with the consequences honestly.
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    Between TMP and TWOK is when Kirk left Starfleet, got the cabin in the woods, and met Antonia. When he told her he was going back to Starfleet, it was to be an instructor at the academy. Kirk was never the Admiral in charge of the academy.

    In the mid 22nd century the Vulcans had starships that cruised at warp 7. In the 23rd century, the Enterprise cruised at warp 6. Not only weren't the Vulcans sharing before the Federation was formed, they weren't exactly sharing a century after either.

    That's the reason it's teeth looked the way they did.

    The "holodeck" is where the crew went to drop acid. They just sat on the floor and hallucinated.

    This also explains the entire episode of "Inner Light," except Picard did his acid lying on the carpet in the middle of the bridge.

    And their orgies are epic.

    Scotty himself is an alien, despite his name.

    Human Beings have ten fingers ... not nine.

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    That is also part of my personal continuity. Also, Klingons have always had ridges and I ignore the episode that tried to explain it.

    I actually ignore the entire Enterprise series.

    I see the entire Star Trek Franchise as fictional so I don't mind when our history doesn't line up with theirs. I am pretty sure we will not be visited by Vulcans on April 5, 2063.

    I see JJ's Star Trek movies as existing in a parallel universe all on its own and Spock and Nero were from the future of THAT universe and not the original time line at all.
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    • Robert April was the first Captain of the Enterprise
    • Enterprise, NCC-1701 was launched around 2230 and had many more captains than April, Pike and Kirk.
    • 5 year missions are not standard, 5 years is just the maximum time a Constitution-Class starship can operate between major overhauls.
    • Kirk commanded the Enterprise for 2-3 years after TMP and then was transferred to another newly refit Connie, which he commanded for 2-3 years before being transferred to the Academy.
    • Between Kirk's second tour on the Enterprise and Spock assuming command, the ship was commanded by Cpt Gregory Westlake.
    • Earth fought 4 "wars" with the Kzin in the mid to late 21st Century. Not sure how or why, but they did.
    • The Enterprise was not Jim Kirk's first command. He commanded at least one Destroyer-Class vessel as a Commander & possibly one other ship as a Captain.
    • Saavik was half-Romulan
    • The Eugenics Wars were fought in the 1990s and were NOT a secret war.
    That's all for now :)
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    Actually, it was never said that Kirk was going to be an instructor at the Academy. He just said that he was going back to Starfleet (or at least wasn't going to settle down with Antonia). The timeframe given places his time with her just a few years before TWOK.

    But as this thread is about personal continuities and not about canon, it doesn't matter. Kirk was Commandant in mine and was the reason he was loitering around the Academy and went on a subsequent cadet cruise.

    There's no wrong or right answers in this thread.
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    -NOTHING established in The Animated Series is canon. (Just grew up with this assumption. Plus it dispenses with trying to reconcile the Kzin Wars with established history).

    -Archer became an Admiral, an Ambassador to Andoria, and President of the Federation, in that order. He died in 2245 after attending the commissioning of the Connie Enterprise. The "Admiral Archer" mentioned in Abrams-Trek is a descendant and his/her "prize beagle" is NOT Porthos but simply another dog adopted out of the family's traditional fondness for the breed.

    -Shran's name is NOT "Thy'lek Shran" or "Hravishran th'Zoarhi". It's just Shran.

    -The Battle of Cheron during the Romulan War did NOT take place on, around, or anywhere near Bele and Lokai's homeworld.

    -Captain Harriman, despite his rocky start, was in fact a very good captain who commanded the Enterprise-B for several years.

    -Captain Picard commanded one or two other ships in the eight and a half years between the loss of the Stargazer and the launch of the Enterprise-D.

    -The Prometheus' registry was NX-74913, not NX-59650. The Yamato's was NCC-71807, not NCC-1305-E. The new Defiant retained its Sau Paulo registration of NCC-75633. It did NOT take the previous Defiant's NX registry.

    -All classes and registries for off-screen starshpis given in the Star Trek Encyclopedia are canon, except when contradicted by on-screen evidence.

    -Conversely, NONE of the ridiculous starship names and registries glimpsed for fraction of a second on the screen readouts in "Conspiracy" are canon.

    -There were initially six Galaxy class ships commissioned in the early 2360's. They were, in order, the Galaxy, the Yamato, the Enteprise, the Odyssey, the Venture, and the Challenger. (The Challenger's seemingly low registry in "Timeless" was a misread). Construction on several more began soon after, however, and several dozen had been commissioned by the time of the Dominion War.

    -Following the launch of Enterprise NX-01 and Columbia NX-02, at least four more NX class ships would be launch by Earth Starfleet in the 2150's, following the naming patterns of NASA's Space Shuttle of the 1980's. Thus, the first two were soon followed by Challenger NX-03, Atlantis NX-04, Discovery NX-05, and Endeavor NX-06.

    -A handful of Excelsior-variants were commissioned in the late 23rd to mid 24th century for long-term deep space exploration missions. They had a different color scheme and extended primary and secondary hulls to make room for more storage space for supplies and stronger impulse engines. Ships of this type included the Enterprise-B and the Lakota. Ultimately, few vessels of this type would be constructed, however, and the original Excelsior configuration would become the most prolific class of ship in Starfleet well into the mid-to-late 24th Century.

    -The Enterprise-A was originally to be christened under a different name in 2286, but following the destruction of the Enterprise, it was decided to name it after the first vessel. Due to the celebrated history of the previous ship with that name, they even gave the vessel the same registry, something Starfleet would not do for any other vessel name. (The ship would retain a more sequential, albeit seldom-used registry in some readouts, as would future ships with that name). Several at Starfleet Command were disappointed by this, however, having hoped that the second Enterprise would be Excelsior class ship, wanting the prestigious name attached to a new class of ship, rather than one decades old. Thus, with the first Excelsior-variant nearing completion in 2293, and the Enterprise-A having sustained heavy damage during the Battle of Khitomer, it was decided to decommission the Enterprise-A and christen the new ship as the Enterprise-B. The Enterprise-A was subsequently placed on display at the Fleet Museum, along with the NX-01 and several other distinguished ships.

    -There was only ONE USS Melbourne and it was an Excelsior-class ship.
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    In the TNG episode Coming of Age, Riker asks Picard if he's under investigation. He's asking this because years before as an ensign, while on board the Pegaus, he took part in secret experiments that resulted in the loss of the ship. A fact that only comes to light years later in The Pegaus. The loss of the Pegasus is a dirty secret he's been waiting to come to light for years - hence his question when Remmick comes aboard in Coming of Age.
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    I like that one.
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    :) Thank you!
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    He really should have stayed dead.

    Forgot to add to my list:

    Charles Tucker was alive and well following the Romulan War and didn't die pointlessly. That was an error entered by the holonovel developer to add some personal drama to the programme (the real person who died was Ensign James Ricky).
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    * Captain April was first.
    * TAS is canon (why do people have problems with this?)
    * Enterprise never happened, or if so, it's an alternate timeline. This also allows Orion slavegirls to really be slavegirls instead of slavemasters which I hate. It also allows the pre-TOS era to remain 60s-ish.
    * JJ Trek never happened.
    * Saavik is half-romulan (who cares if the line was left out of the theatrical cut? Everyone's seen it by now.)
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    A few more brought to mind by previous posters:

    • Rear-Admiral Kirk was not Commandant of Starfleet Academy, he was merely the Dean of the Academy Command School, which is why he oversaw the Kobiashi Maru test.
    • Transwarp is a generic term for anything that travels faster than current warp engines. The 2280s Transwarp Project was not dealing with radically new technology, just a massive upgrade to the old style warp engines that would allow travel at twice the old speeds. The project was not a failure.
    • The 1701-A started life as the NCC-1798, built as the first test-bed for the transwarp engines that would later be used on Excelsior. The Constitution-Class space frame was not strong enough to take full advantage of the new engines, so the NX-2000 was built specifically to hold the more powerful engines. Later she was christened USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A in honor of the recently scuttled 1701.
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    I like to think that all of Enterprise, not just the last episode, was fiction within the fiction. A holodeck program that Riker occasionally indulged on his free time.