Your latest purchases, cont.

Bought Jean-Michel Jarre's Oxygene 3 (pt 14-20)

I'm glad I saw this. I had no idea there were more Oxygene chapters! :techman:

(I wonder why JMJ is so keen on continuing Oxygene but not, say, Equinoxe...)

its merely the answer of Jarre questioning about how Oxygene had turned out of it had been made in 2016 and not in 1976

Didn't JMJ do a re-recording of the original Oxygene but with modern 21st-century instrumentation?
Jarre recreated Oxygene a few years ago because he could not get access to his original master tapes which are the property of his old record label, he and three men of his team played the original Oxygene note for note on the original equipment, this became Oxygene : New Master Recording, he also performed 10 concerts playing tracks from Oxygene and other albums and some new tracks on only vintage equipment, there's a DVD of that called Oxygene: Live In Your Living Room which holds one concert and a lot of extra stuff including Jarre demonstrating some of his instruments like the Eminent 310U, Memory Moog, ARP 2600 etc.

As for why Jarre doesn't continue with Equinoxe, I have no idea, maybe it is because the mood on Equinoxe is different, also, Oxygene was unique when it came out, Equinoxe is just as timeless and maybe in some ways even better than Oxygene but it wasn't new or groundbreaking.

But who knows, maybe all the sudden Equinoxe 2 will appear in 2017.

Also a tip, Electronica I and II, I can highly recommend them, they contain very diverse music. :techman:
^ Nice. :D

Now that Amazon Prime Video is available over here, I subscribed to it. I watched some Grand Tour and it looks absolutely amazing in 4K with HDR.
A few days ago I brought a two sided coin featuring a Starfleet academy graduate logo n the academy logo featuring the golden gate bridge and the 50th anniversary logo and the 2nd thing I brought is a 50th anniversary pocket watch
32" Smart TV for my wife's Mom for Christmas. She's been wanting to watch Fuller House on Netflix. It'll be replacing a 25" CRT.
My brother-in-law's Christmas gift is, judging by updates, somewhere in the Pacific. Last update was Dec 10, when it was in China. Since I'm meeting my sister and her family tomorrow, I bought him a Best Buy gift card. The Christmas gift will wait until his birthday in February!
Picked up 2 $20 PSN cards and got World of Final Fantasy and Muramasa Rebirth: Complete Collection. And I got an ICEE, along with a copy of Home Alone. I have to return s2 of Quantum Leap though as one of the discs has some bad scratches on it :(. So I'm planning on getting a refund and getting another copy of it.
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Avatar - The Last Airbender: The Complete Series (DVD)
Headphones ($5, I don't care about fancy stuff)
Xbox 360 Controller (to play games easier on the computer, and it works really well)
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3DS
Dragon Quest IX (DS)
Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 (Steam sale)
@kirk55555 Sweet! What I'd give to have a controller for my pc games. Not a huge keyboard gamer. But oh well. Maybe someday.

Just picked up 2 $20 PSN cards with some Christmas money and got Dragon Quest Builders.
@kirk55555 Sweet! What I'd give to have a controller for my pc games. Not a huge keyboard gamer. But oh well. Maybe someday.

Just picked up 2 $20 PSN cards with some Christmas money and got Dragon Quest Builders.

Yeah, having a computer that can decently run games (atleast to a point, for complex games something like Elder scrolls: Oblivion is about as intense as it can handle) means my brother and I have actually been buying some games from steam and GOG, so we wanted a controller because we hate keyboard controls. Its been working very well so far, with a few exceptions (trying to map keyboard controls to some older games is a bit of a pain). Definitely worth the purchase, though.

On topic, some more post X-Mas purchases:
$10 Steam Gift card
Dead Rising: Off the Record (PS3)
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Collection (PS3)
Time and Eternity (PS3) - I bought this rpg blind. Apparently its an anime-ish game with a good deal of sexual humor, dating game elements and mediocre reviews :lol: Still, its a ps3 game I haven't played, and I wanted something different, so at the very least it will be...interesting.