your favourite moment of all time?

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    I thought this was an excellent scene as well. One that really showed the difference in Jadzia vs. Ezri. This is when I started liking her.
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    Call me weird, but I can't say whether it was done on purpose, but I think there was a lot of cool symbolism during that fight too, particularly with that glass.

    First, the camera follows the fight from the other side of the glass, and we see Gowron and Worf in combat in the background, with a pane of glass in the foreground showing Klingon ships flying into battle. Then Gowron throws Worf through it, and it shatters, in my mind symbolizing that Gowron is destroying the Empire. Then when going for the killing blow, Worf emerges from the shattered remains and kills Gowron.

    I guess I could be reading too much into it, but it's cool. The only thing lacking was the music during the fight, but it was okay. It wasn't as Klingon as I would have liked.

    Oh -- and I love Garek's "I'm still here, Russot" and the grin he makes afterwards. Then there are the two moments between Kira and Damar, first about his family, then after killing Russot. Great episode all around.

    My other favorite moment of all time is in Shadows and Symbols when all of the plot threads of the episode got resolved -- the attack on the Monac shipyard to get Jadzia into Sto-vo-Kor, the Orb of the Emmisary, and it's subtle dovetailing into the standoff between Kretak and Kira. When Kira saw the Celestial Temple return, she couldn't care less how outgunned the Romulans had her. You can practically see her faith and confidence appear on her face. I love watching Nana Visitor act.
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    My favorites:


    Our Man Bashir: Bashir destroys Earth

    Garak: "The key is to figure out who is guilty of what."

    Dukat finds Sisko's baseball: "This is his way of telling me, he'll be back."

    Quark to Vulcan Maquis: "The price of peace is at an all time low!"

    Zek: "Due to the malicious lies spread by our competitors, people believe that we are not to be trusted!"

    Eloise Hawking: "Curzon...was in my bed."
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    This show is littered with scenes.

    I love the "Damnit, we just can't leave her here! No! No!" It gets me every time. If I lost my love and had to leave her body, well, that might be running through my head now. But it's just so heart-breaking.

    I love the end of Duet, from the monologue in the holding cell to the death. "He's a Cardassian."

    I love the end of Necessary Evil when Kira and Odo close his first case on Terok Nor.

    I love Odo talking about assuming shapes in the garden in Search, P2.

    I love the whole Visitor episode. It's just so touching.

    I love in Rocks and Shoals when Sisko talks to Ra'Mantiklan about "the order of things."

    I love Damar's speech in The Changing Face of Evil.

    I love the fight Quark and Nog have in The Siege at AR-558.

    I love the scene where Kira is comforting Odo on the Jem'Hadar ship. I forget which episode it is. He's about to die, and it's so tender. She's been hardened and she's fighting in a resistance cell again. But she shows how much she truly loves Odo.

    "For Cardassia! FREEDOM!!!"

    "I am the only Cardassian left! And if no one else will stand against the Klingons, I will!" Gul Dukat.

    Some of them. I agree with most of the moments in here.
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    One of the all-time bests.
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    Hang on, didn't Nog's father become the Grand Nagus?

    And before that, wasn't he the genius who thought up how to keep the Dominion invasion on hold for a ridiculously long time?
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    Two moments.

    The dramatic: Aamin Marritza starts crying in Duet.

    The funny/awesome: "Maybe you should talk to Worf again!" :lol:
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    He was, but he didn't get to have those moments till a couple of seasons after Nog had applied to be in Starfleet, and his 'genius' had yet to become apparent. Who knows, maybe seeing his son try to apply himself to something beyond simple Ferengi greed inspired him to do more with his own life.
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    SISKO: How's Martok?
    WORF: Doctor Bashir says he will make a full recovery.
    SISKO: I'm glad to hear that. Mister Worf, we've got a serious problem on our hands.
    WORF: Gowron.
    SISKO: He seems hell bent on continuing these offensives regardless of the cost.
    WORF: He is a stubborn and arrogant man.
    SISKO: That may be true, but I hope he's not a fool. He's risking the entire defence posture. Why can't he see that?
    WORF: I suspect the Chancellor cannot see anything at the moment except for one man.
    SISKO: You mean Martok?
    WORF: The Chancellor sees him as a political threat. These attacks against the Dominion are designed to humiliate the General in the eyes of the Empire. To force him to endure defeat after defeat.
    SISKO: Are you telling me that this is a political vendetta?
    WORF: It would not be the first time that a Klingon Chancellor put his own interests ahead of the greater good.
    SISKO: Something has to be done.
    WORF: Agreed. And I do have a solution. But it will not be easy.
    SISKO: Do whatever it takes, Mister Worf. Those Klingon ships out there are the only thing between us and the Breen. Gowron is risking the safety of the entire Alpha Quadrant and he has to stop.
    WORF: Understood.

    The intensity and meaning avery brooks put behind that last sisko sentence was superb.
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    I know the Bajor/religion episodes are unpopular with many fans since Trek historically celebrates humanist ideals (among other reasons). Well, I'm one of those weird Trek fans who actually loves the Bajor/religion episodes. Here's a likely unpopular moment in DS9 which happens to be one of my all-time favorites. It's an exchange from "Accession," an episode which I read the producers had to fight the studio to make. I'm really glad they did even if my taste is unpopular.

    Odo: Forgive me, Major, I don't mean to be difficult, but your faith seems to have led you to something of a contradiction.
    Major Kira: I don't see it as a contradiction.
    Odo: I don't understand.
    Major Kira: That's the thing about faith. If you don't have it you can't understand it, and if you do - no explanation is necessary. ​
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    That was simply too awesome!

    Brook is at his best when he hams it up like crazy, in fact I think out of all the actors Avery Brook played crazy the best.

    But my favourite, and it ALWAYS brings a smile to my face, is when Kira and Odo first kiss! Magic!

    A runner up would be the scene in Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges where Bashir and Ross discuss the morality of Section 31.
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    The scene in "What You Leave Behind" when the whole crew is in the holodeck listening to Vic sing "The Way You Look Tonight".
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    Odo and Kira are 2 of my favourite Star Trek characters yet I hate their mutual romance. It was a great story of unrequited love. A relationship made zero sense. Kira liked bland Bajorans and would never fall for Odo.
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    Never say never. Sometimes we fall for someone who is not at all "our type."
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    Odo's pretty close to that. Certainly rather bland, and he was sorta raised Bajoran. Doesn't seem that odd to me.
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    Odo and Kira FINALLY getting their kiss! That will always be my favorite moment.
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    Odo wasn't bland! Love his misanthropy.
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    I might get shot down in flames for saying this. But how come nobody has said anything about quark and odo together? "Little green men" was great. Quark getting rescued by odo and saying "my hero".
    If forget the name of the episode (sorry) but shortly after odo is turned human, he and quark are in a runabout and odo is eating soup. Quark complaining about the "lip smacking"!
    I remember those two providing me with many good memories of ds9.
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    I had to think about how to answer this and I thought about it in terms of "If I could watch one scene right now, which one would it be?"

    For me it's the runabout scene between Jadzia and Worf in Change of Heart. Things never go right for Worf and it's one of the few times when he is relaxed and happy. Since he's my favorite Trek character, I liked that.

    But I think the monologue at the end of ITPM is the best scene in DS9.
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    I don't think this is my favorite, but it's different, and I like it:

    When O'Brian comes home at the end of Hard Time. That really got to me for some reason.