Your favourite disease movies?

Discussion in 'TV & Media' started by Tetragrammaton Invictus, Sep 24, 2017.

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    In that case, Ironweed is like a punch in the gut and is excruciatingly sorrowful, which I'd say makes the film a success.
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    So, anything with Dean Martin, Robert Shaw or Richard Burton ..
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    Ooh, 50/50 is great.

    Does this one count? :p

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    If the criteria is that the disease be the villain, then I would not include Memento because the disease is not the villain. Actually pretty much everybody in the entire movie is the villain.

    If we are counting movies where addiction is the villain, then lots of Aronofsky movies come into play. Requiem for a Dream, drug addiction. Black Swan, extreme OCD and anxiety. The Wrestler, adrenaline addiction.

    Then of course the various sex addictions of Lars Von Trier movies.
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    I remember seeing a movie about that topic back in the mid / late 80s but it was a made for TV movie about a woman who is a nymphomaniac and her struggle to cope with life.