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    As you stated the Halo game has not been confirmed and I seriously doubt it will be out in 2011.

    Then you have 5 Wii...OOPS, let me correct myself, 5 Kinect shovelware titles.

    Codename D will probably not be out since we Know virtually nothing about it and it doesn't even have a name.

    Codename: Kingdoms looks promising but again virtually nothing is out there on it except a live action Teaser trailer.

    Xcom also looks promising but from everything I've read it is Xcom in title only and is going to be real hit or miss as to rather it's going to actually be good or not.

    And then Gears 3 which will be the only hit of the bunch and the only one the has truly been confirmed.

    So far the PS3 exclusives are

    Uncharted 3
    Resistance 3
    Little big planet 2
    Killzone 3
    Socom 4
    Motorstorm apocalyse
    Yakuza 4
    ico/SOTC collection
    Infmaous 2
    PS Move Heores
    White knight chronicles 2
    The last Guardian
    Twisted metal

    And unconfirmed so far are

    Final Fantasy Versus 13
    Metal Gear 5
    Syphon Filter 5
    Zone of the Enders 3
    Sly 4

    Surly you can see the differences in those two lists...

    So as I've said, I rest my case, M$ is moving further away from it's core gamer roots and moving toward the generic casual gaming and TV watcher market.
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