Would you want an alternate Star Trek cinematic Universe?

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    What would they have to do make Kelvin Timeline it's own cinematic universe? what would you like to see and would you even want a cinematic universe or are you happy with them just focusing on the TOS set of characters?
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    An expanded cinematic universe for Trek was definitely something Paramount was considering. All we'd need to make it happen was Beyond being a smash hit. Which it sadly isn't :(

    Paramount Motion Picture Group president Marc Evans:

    I often think about the areas of the ‘Star Trek’ universe that haven’t been taken advantage of.

    Like, I’ll be ridiculous with you, but what would ‘Star Trek: Zero Dark Thirty’ look like? Where is the SEAL Team Six of the ‘Star Trek’ universe? That fascinates me.

    I imagine the comment was made with knowledge the rest of us didn't yet have of Beyond's plot. Sounds like Balthazar Edison's MACO backstory got his imagination going. I'd watch a Star Trek spin-off movie starring Idris Elba and the Franklin MACOs hunting Romulans.
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    more Star Trek is always better, so of course, yeah
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    I've had some thoughts about this myself. Maybe it'd be best to branch out Star Trek after the fourth Kelvin movie. I figure you could start with three interlinked series of movies:

    One following the flagship, which deals with big threats to the Federation (like tension with the Klingons or whatever) and is more based around Earth and other core Federation worlds.

    One following a ship that's smaller and less armoured, and is out on the frontier having self-contained and more lighthearted adventures on strange new worlds.

    One set on a starbase, with a more "lower-decks" focus with the main cast being low-ranked people & civilians, possibly exploring more of the seedy underbelly of the Star Trek universe out on the frontier.

    Each one gets a movie every three years, so that there's one new Star Trek movie per year.

    I definitely think that one of the two starship-based ones should be about Captain Sulu of the USS Excelsior — I'm just not sure which, but I'm leaning towards the flagship one. As for the starbase one, I don't think it should be set on Yorktown because frankly Yorktown is just too idyllic to fit: I'm picturing a DS9-sized station, maybe right on the Neutral Zone border.
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    I find it weird that a property like Star Trek doesn't have more cinematic endeavours with all kinds of different settings and view points. A movie from a Klingon/Romulan perspective, a colony movie, Starfleet Academy, Federation Council, there is so much. Yet we'll always get the same: a mostly human crew on a ship or space station.
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    On the destruct button until the last minute!
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    Star Trek's fine just the way it is. Besides, as Beyond is proving, there really isn't much interest in Star Trek movies from the general public, creating a cinematic universe isn't going to change that. Sony had plans to create a cinematic universe around the Amazing Spider-Man movies, but the second one was a failure and those plans were promptly abandoned, and IMO, so far the DCEU has gotten lucky, but that luck is going to run out sooner than later.
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  10. Jedi_Master

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    I would rather there be more depth than breadth.
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  11. shapeshifter

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    A Trek CU has been a dream of mine for ages and remain hopeful it happens eventually, but apparently the days of TOS/TNG movies playing between other Trek episodes were as close as we're ever going to get.
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    A Star Trek CU could be interesting, if they look for stuff that audiences and fans together might find interesting. If I was conceptualizing it, I would take inspiration partly from where Star Wars storytellers are directing their attention, making movies in settings that are a curiosity for fans (and hopefully that a general audience would find interesting). The books and comics are, I think, a good look at what writers and readers latch onto.

    Greg Cox's Rise and Fall of Khan books seem like they would be great inspiration for a story that would capture a general audience, set in present day and relate able to a general audience, it could appeal to conspiracy theorist. Greg Cox's inclusion of Gary Seven might even be worth bringing in as well; for a new movie in a new universe that spin-off ensemble could be re-introduced or reinterpreted in a dramatically new way.

    Star Wars is doing at least one movie that is focused on the history of a character (the opposite of all the individual Marvel CU introductions building into a team); it might be interesting to see a movie that hits some hightlights of Spock's overall career. Maybe something that looks into how he finds Saavak, arranges for and participates in his upbringing.

    The ancient cultural schism between the Vulcans and the Romulans could be great an epic cinematic story. I don't know what Diane Duane came up with for the exiled Romulan's journey away from Vulcan to a new home but for ST fans who want exploration and strange interstellar phenomenon, a story built on these two elements could be great. The Vulcans and the Klingons both have these extraordinary people in their culture's distant past, and stories about them could tell us interesting things we never knew about the history of those alien races (Kahless, Surak). And there's stuff lurking in the background, like, why so many alien races are so similar, TNG had a fun episode for that...a new that draws inspiration from that episode could be great for building up a more vast history for the ST galaxy (and have some fun with and Indiana Jone's type historical treasure hunt).
  13. The Wormhole

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    The Wormhole
    We pretty much had a Star Trek CU in the 90s with DS9 and Voyager on the air together and a TNG movie out every two years. All it did was oversaturate the market place with too much Trek.
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  14. fireproof78

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    I would love to see the Kelvin universe expanded.
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  15. Zonker

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    Apr 3, 2015
    I would love that as long as they keep making new stuff set in the Kelvin timeline rather than rebooting TNG or DS9.
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  16. Hawkcam1996

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    Jul 27, 2017
    Personally, I think for now, it just remains a series of movies. Since the current movies are basically a reboot of TOS, I think Star Trek 4 should be the first of a trilogy that lays the groundwork for a reboot of TNG. Star Trek 4, 5, and 6 could each focus on one thing important to TNG, like Data, the alliance with the Klingons, and someone else replacing Kirk as captain of the Enterprise, while Star Trek 7 has Picard replace that captain. And of course, since this is a different timeline, some things will be different so we might only have a few familiar characters. Once Star Trek 7 kicks off the TNG reboot, they can expand the series into a cinematic universe by starting reboots of DS9, and VOY, either with familiar characters or completely new ones(remember, different timeline). And while this is all happening, CBS continues to make new tv series(such as Discovery) and hopefully make a series that takes place after VOY.
  17. Qonundrum

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    There are avenues the new timeline can allow for, if they're made use of. The Kelvin movies, of which "Beyond" is easily the best, do so much scene cutting and pasting to the point even youtube channel CinemaSins refuses to count each instance, assuming they're aware of each one like how Red Letter Media and everyone else is, because otherwise their tally would shoot up 100 to 1000 more counts than otherwise. (the occasional cut and paste will undoubtedly be forgotten, or used in a new context but hopefully a better one to make it original. For example, the reuse of "KHAAAAAAAAAN!" did not, and "magic blood" is more the lines of "Lord of the Rings" or "Harry Potter" if written for people older than 12 in mind.

    After all, TNG and spinoffs all occasionally remade some TOS stories or were influenced by them and many of them elevated and improved on the originals. Just don't find the ones that stunk, like "The Naked Now". I wish TNG-R Blu-Ray remaster chose to use a working title instead of the chosen "The Naked Now", LOL!
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    I wouldn't mind seeing some time travel antics with the DTI as a standalone movie (or possibly a trilogy with potential for a team up movie with the main crews later on, if you wanna follow the comic-book CU model). I generally love time travel movies (I'm thinking Pre-Destination, Looper and whatnot) and with a Star Trek backdrop, you'd have my presale ticket for sure!

    In my cinema fantasy world, the Star Trek CU rivals and mirrors the MCU, but a little heavier on the scifi.
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    Much like the Star Wars prequels and side stories (Rouge One, the upcoming Han Solo movie) being done by Lucasfilm Ltd. I hope that this can still happen with Star Trek, and Balthazar Edison's story of his younger days is a better concept (and possibly better execution) that what Alec Peters wanted to do with Garth of Izar and Axanar.
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    A Keenser prequel would probably be better than Axanar. However if I were to make a prequel movie about any character in the new movies, it would be Robau.
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