Worf as Emperor

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  1. E-DUB

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    Oct 28, 2011
    So Worf kills Gowron and then, instead of claiming the title of Emperor himself, basically says, "Hey, I'm not the guy but my buddy here would do a heck of a job." Did this strike anybody else as not a particularly Klingon way of doing things?

    What would have happened had Worf assumed the job? Would he have been regarded a Federation puppet and dispatched fairly quickly?

    Or if he did refuse, wouldn't the Klingons do what they tried to do after Kempec died a (seemingly) natural death and had two men battle for the job.

    Would Martok have even bothered as he was reluctant to take the job even when it was being handed to him?

  2. Pavonis

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    Apr 26, 2001
    Emperor? The position is chancellor, leader of the council. And, yes, it seems perfectly Klingon. Klingons did it, accepted it, and what more defines Klingon behavior than the behavior of Klingons?
  3. Roboturner913

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    Klingons are much more political than they want everyone to think, based on a lot of the TNG episodes we see. I am sure there is precedent.
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    Worf was a member of the House of Martok. There could easily be rules, or at least precedent, that would allow Worf to hand the title over to the head of his House.
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    The Klingons are a more varied race than they're given credit for. Worf knows he can't handle Klingon politics or inspire armies and he knows Martok can, and so did everybody else in the room when he killed Gowron. If anything they were pleased they got Martok instead of Worf, because they didn't want a Federation officer to be their Chancellor and already respected Martok.

    Maybe there was a precedent to hand it to Martok, maybe there wasn't, but the klingons were happy to make the exception.
  6. MacLeod

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    All Chancellor Worf did was name his succssor and immediatly passed over the office to him. Must be one of the Shortest reigns as Chancellor in Klingon History. The situtation with Gowron wasn't the same as when K'mpec was murdered. If Duras had straight up defeated K'mpec in a fight he would have succeded K'mpec but he didn't. But perhaps whilst Duras was alive as inferred in "Sins of the Father" the KE was a lot less politically stable.

    Though one wonders how Klingon history will record the fact that Worf was responsible for Gowron coming to power by killing Duras, and for removing Gowron from power.
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    Dec 23, 2012
    Worf might have been ok but he only really had the house of Martok backing him up so i think he would have been killed rather quickly.

    Martok was the better choice he was highly respected general in the empire.